April 2015

Time To See The New MORODAN Shop Items

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    Hello people,   We`ve finally managed to supply the new items on the Morodan Shop platform. Ever since a month and a half ago, when we went live, we`ve literally been hectic on delivering all the orders (do you understand now why lately I`m waking up at 7 am every morning?) getting more […]

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De La Mine Ai un NU

Living ArtMorodan TV

  I was invited by Active Watch to be a part of their De La Mine Ai un NU campaign.  A manifest against any kind of discrimination, a cause in which I believe and I strongly plead for. It gives me great pride to see such valuable public personalities taking a stand and joining this cause. […]

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How To Survive Waking Up Really Early

Living ArtLooks

  Lately I began waking up at 7 am. #TheHorror Considering that during the 4 years of high school I never succeeded in doing this, it really means I have plenty of stuff on my plate. Or that I`ve finally grown up. Either way, coffee is the word of the day. Because when I wake […]

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You`re not a Kitchen Victim if You Cannot Make Pancakes

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  It`s pancakes time. We made sweet pancakes and innovative ones (yep, I never thought of this, what`d you expect? I`m a fashionista). Mazettovici used a Thermo-Spot frying pan from Tefal. Even I could turn one pancake over and made it trough. I`ll even buy a Thermo-Spot for myself and make pancakes for Serban. I so […]

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The Beauty World is Rocking and We Have a Giveaway

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I am wearing a Zarug dress, a Marks&Spencer necklace, a Cartier bracelet and a vintage reticule Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu     Day by day love turns grey. This was a quote I remember reading the first time I was in Control Club, a few years back, while visiting Bucharest. I was there with some of […]

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