April 2015

The Business of Being Ana Morodan – The Beauty Butler

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    Now, this might look like a Philips ad…Well, that`s exactly it. You know, hypocrisy was never my forte. I`m talking about these beautifying gadgets because they really are a BIG part of my life and a trusty companion while shooting my stories. For me, it`s all about signature beauty characteristics – red manicure, […]

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3 Essential Things Every Fashion Girl Must Do In Her 30`s

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    1. Start being a perfect Stepford Wife. … ?!?! I`m kidding, duhh. Although this Stepford Wife thing, done with poise and from time to time can prove to be very sexy. And I don`t mean Sexy like vacuum cleaning in a sexy lingerie. I mean cooking, doing the groceries, making your home look […]

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Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance – ep 6 – The Make-Up Mistakes

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  You know, I never lied to you. I`m shit at doing my make-up. And let`s face it, in life, like in almost any aspect, most of the times there`s nobody around to do it ourselves, we have to do it for ourselves. And I`m succeeding in all of the fields doing it on my […]

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Thailand is Pleading For Color

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   Hello world. I`m in the beautiful and exotic Thailand and I`m wearing color. Predictable, I know. Nevertheless, I don`t have any regrets for giving Black a few days off. If they could, I can too. I chose to wear one of the upcoming Morodan Shop summer items. An ensemble which fitted perfectly with the […]

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Why Does Fashion Matter

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I am wearing Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes S/S collection heels, a Katttja dress, an H&M blazer, Italian Vintage.ro brooches and Louis Vuitton sunglasses Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu     I`m a woman. What`s your superpower? It`s coming. I can feel it. Yes, finally. My love for clothes is coming back to me. And I must […]

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