October 2012



 .  .   I so love not taking myself too seriously all the time Snobbish Breakfast dress, H&M scarf, MOO sunglasses (SunglassCurator.com), vintage necklace     This is a cotton long dress, you can wear it in the daylight too, even if it has a powerful, pretentious color. Not in that precise order but 1. […]

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The SWEET days

Living ArtLooks

 Zara shoes and hat, Diesel jeans, Massimo Dutti sleeve, Moo sungalsses – SunglassCurator © Serban Cristea Ahhh, sweet, candy things, it’s been so long since I’ve tasted your bitter taste. Did you missed candy like pics on High Street Cardigans? Don’t answer that. Well, there is a reason why you see these. First, because I […]

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Living ArtLooks

Snobbish Breakfast dress, Zara hat, YSL bracelet Shop this Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses on SungalssCurator.com © Serban Cristea Hello my beautiful smitten kittens, How is your day so far? I’m drinking underbrush sirup and listening to C.C. Catch while making a “must have” shopping list for a client of mine. Moving on, on today’s agenda […]

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Living ArtLooks

Shop this Lena Criveanu dress on Molecule F.com © Serban Cristea You know that lately I have a new weekend activity. One that I absolutely adore as a matter of fact. What do you mean “What is it?!?!“ You don’t listen to me properly when I speak with you? Pfff Ok, ok, I’m kidding, I […]

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    Beloved kittens, On this glorious Friday you will be forced to look at my favorite outfits (of mine) from the last weeks. ? Because I’m a narcissist. Carry on with the viewing, I’ll wait for you underneath.       My short and illuminating point and The Snobbish Advice with this is dress […]

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