October 2012

CITY RUSH by AVON and other stories

Beauty Culture

Did you ever have one of those moments when you just want to find that one scent that says it all? That one scent that tells the world that you are an confident, independent, glamorous and sophisticated woman? I bet you did. I have one each time I decide to buy a new perfume. And […]

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It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN Day on Molecule F

Living ArtLooks

Shop this Andreea Tincu suit on Molecule F.com ©  Serban Cristea  . . You know I’m not an easy person. Serban now knows I’m not an easy woman either. Yes,yes, there’s a difference between not being an easy person and not being an easy woman. Being a “not easy woman is worse!” Now. I’m glad […]

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Get youself some special days

Living ArtLooks

  Agnes Keszeg is a different kind of designer (check out her site to see what I mean) and from all of her work I’m madly in love with her dolls. I was ever since I saw them only illustrated in Elle Magazine. That’s why a few months ago I wrote Agnes that I really […]

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how do you travel?

Living ArtLooks

I totally adore my Ana Alexe ring H&M blazer, Evan von Autumn skirt, Zara heels and neckalce, vintage bracelets and Ana Alexe ring Shop this Oscar de la Renta sunglasses on Sunglasscurator.com    © Serban Cristea My little kittens, last week you saw the first episode of The Glam Diaries by SunglassCurator. You found out […]

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How about being a statue today?

Living ArtLooks

 Shop this Stephan Pelger cape on Molecule F  © Serban Cristea 3 characteristics that prove statues are like humans:    – sometimes no matter how great and wow they are,  little creatures still shit on their head    – no matter how hard both sides try, time still makes its mark on both of them […]

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