August 2012

That Sparkling Wine

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Snobbish Breakfast dress © Claudiu Enescu I remember it like it was yesterday. My grandmother on her terrace with a glass in her hand, I wasseven years old. “Don’t settle for anything less than champagne Ana. Vodka is too rough and all those cocktails are so mixed; feelings and drinks should always be clear.” After […]

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It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN Day on MOLECULE

Living ArtLooks

  Lucian Broscatean dress, Maria Filipescu bracelets. Shop them on Molecule F I have a new, fav weekend activity. I started visiting several mansions and palaces around Bucharest. I love their stories and I’ve read so many times about them so now I just want to go and see with my eyes the places where […]

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   I’m on my way to another ad shooting so this is going to be a busy day. I don’t know about you people but I for one, when I’m having great sex, I stupidly and uncontrollably smile the whole day. You’ll read “The Snobbish Advice” on Tuesday. Today as I said, I’m working like […]

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Living ArtLooks

109 dress © Claudiu Enescu Bonjour people, 1. Every know and then, just like a true hero, a cool brand appears and wins my full of vanity heart. 109 did that from the beginning! That’s why every time I wear one of their designs I feel like an urban queen. Yesterday I was a casual […]

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