June 2012

SHOP the MUST HAVE pants on MOLECULE F.com

Living Art

Alina Botea pants, Musat Studio blouse, Maria Filipescu bracelets – shop them on Molecule F © Claudiu Enescu Since it’s Monday, it’s another MORODANday episode on Molecule F. Found them, the pants that deserve my complete and full attention, designed by Alina Botea. Read why I love them on Molecule F’s blog. On the other […]

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the beautiful everyday details


  Drink three cocktails in the middle of the day!  Ok, don’t do that, I’m joking.  My snobbish advice this week is Get out!  Get out from your office and from all kind of bistro’s or terraces where you spend your midday break.  Go in a park near you or at the Botanical garden like […]

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Living ArtLooks

Zara heels, vintage pants, TINA R blouse, Zara hat, Marc Jacobs clutch, vintage &H&M jewelry ©  Lightaholic       TINA R needs no introduction! Therefore, the only explanation needed here is what exactly is my collaboration with this Romanian brand. You all know Paula, don’t you? Well, for the few of you who don’t, […]

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Living Art

Lena Criveanu top and skirt, shop them on Molecule F.com  or at Molecule F showroom © Claudiu Enescu Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple? Mary Poppins Most of my friends think that I was born directly an adult. Being more mature than most of the kids my age was both […]

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books matter even if they have many pictures

Living Art

I’ve finally come to realize that you people might get bored seeing me all day long (I know you did not!). Therefore, in this glorious day, I will make things more spicy and interesting around here, in my personal favorite snobbish manner. After all, the first person who will always spoil you is yourself! No, […]

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