12 Mantras I`m Gonna Use in My Business in 2016

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25 January 2016 / By / 20 Comments


Sure I`m using dramatic pics while talking about business and stuff. Drama is My Business #duhhh  6b




anamorodanSweet Paprika dress – Nita Sao turban – Smiling Shoes boots

Photos by Cosmin Micoara 





1. In polite society a power suit is most effective when paired with a killer manicure – adica e ok sa dam cu pumnul in masa as long as we look uber chic while doing that. 


2. Being nice is Cool – Gossiping is so Passe. It`s for the simple minds. Try honesty and smiling. Even to those who did you wrong.  Kindness…I find it seductive.


3. Surround yourself with people who get it – And help you grow – Yep, my friends were always smarter than me. But they all understood and supported me on my path. 


4. Time managementsitting around in cafes having fun with your friends is entertaining but take care of not doing just that


5. True love isn`t found. It`s built – if you are in a relationship, trust this saying and build it. It really works. And there`s nothing better than to have one who gives you power to pursue your path 


6. Being positive in a negative situation is not naive, it`s leadership – one real challenge for me this year is to prove to myself that I can be an efficient leader, I have to hire some more people and coordinating their activities in an efficient manner will be…not easy. Doing it all with an iron fist in a velvet glove will be greu ca dracu` pentru o nebuna crizata ca mine. 


7. Your sexiest body part is your mind – Damn it, I always thought it was my tits…


8. It`s ok to be angry. It`s never ok to be cruel Stop afuriseniei


9. Don`t focus on money – they are a mean not a destination. Don`t focus on never wanting to let them go. Give them with open heart, they will come back. Tried, tested. 


10.No matter what people tell you, words and ideas will change the world (Robin Williams) and build your business – today people seek authenticity. Be You, tell your story, stop pr-ing people or your followers. You will be loved and achieve success for who you are, for telling things as they are, for telling your own story. This is not for me, this is for those of you who asked me my secret for success. . I`ve been doing this since the beginning and I confirm, it works #fullspeedahead #doit


11. Note to self: I`m going to make you so proud!



12. Just make sure you`re happy in this life – oricare ar fi definitia fiecaruia despre asta si orice ar zice societatea/familia/partenerul de viata, you find what makes you happy and never let it go. 





Dani and I,  freezing in the forest while Cosmin directed us to get to that `perfect place`. My brain literally froze but it was memorable. 









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  1. Amalia O. says:

    The perfect spot chiar e perfect, parca esti dintr-o poveste 🙂

  2. miriam says:

    I love burgundy velvet and I try to be HAPPY every day. It’s one of the most important things in the world

  3. Mihaela Moldoveanu says:

    Vai, cata dreptate ai 🙂 mai ales in ce priveste dragostea. Desi sunt o romantica incurabila, timpul mi-a dovedit ca intotdeauna e nevoie de munca, pe toate planurile

  4. veronique says:

    another movie setting I love

  5. Irina Iorgulescu says:

    Am uitat din pacate sa fim Nice. Si sa Zambim. Si sa spunem vorbe frumoase fara un motiv anume

  6. Stan Andreea Elena says:

    Rochia perfecta, si surprinzator nu este lunga :))))

  7. claudia z. says:

    the mind it the only one which remains sexy over the years 😉

  8. Rosalia says:

    Absolut superbe fotografiile <3

  9. Alexa K. says:

    a frozen countess often looks more sexy than a countess in the summer sun 🙂

  10. Cristinik says:

    I’m mad about turbane, absolutely maaaaaad! Problema e ca nu-mi sta deloc bine cu else :((((

  11. Ade says:

    12 puncte numai bune de lipit pe frigider. si pe oglinda din baie. si pe oglinda de la parasolar, sa nu uiti de ele cand te dai cu ruj la volan. :)) la semafor, bineinteles 😉

  12. Livia says:

    Beiber, I love you :)))))))))))))))) superb, absolut superb

  13. Mela says:

    Love the way you say it, love the way you are. I’ve been waiting for this kind of blog for years…

  14. Mioara M. says:

    Catifeaua e, dupa mine, cel mai nobil material. Si cand apare si o pasmanterie superba si catifeaua se transforma in turban, am in fata cel mai frumos si mai timeless accesoriu

  15. Fanul Tau says:

    Ana, poti sa faci un pictorial in care sa-ti scoti in evidenta picioarele, te rog. Sunt foarte misto!

  16. AnneMcLayne says:

    Vaai, te prinde super bine culoarea!

  17. ana ileana says:

    iubesc genul asta de poze

  18. Violetta says:

    great legs 😉 and the colors are amazing

  19. Olivia Maria Andrei says:

    Kindness is the best feeling a person can experience, I wish more people would try it

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