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la mode toujoursI am wearing a La Mode Toujours dress, a Celine bag, Prada sunglasses and The Eva heels from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes summer capsule collection

Photos by Mihai Dina



I swear to God, sometimes, my life is this perfect second hand dark comedy. Here`s what happened on Saturday evening, after leaving the pool and right before taking these pictures.

I stop at Zara to buy some skirts and also to give back a dress I didn`t like. After 10 minutes I find the skirts and head to the pay-desk. I wait in line patiently zapping my phone #duhh. The dress I had to give back was in my beach bag, along with all the things I had with me at the pool – laptop, agendas, books, swimming suits, underwear, et cetera.

So I get to the pay-desk and get the dress I had to return out of the huge bag. The boy at the cash point takes the dress and raises it up to find where the label and the code is. Oh well, that moment, in front of him and all the people waiting in line my used undies fall down – with the interior part faced up!

For a small brief moment I felt that I had a huge tear in the back of my head, just like in the manga cartoons…When I took the dress out I must have taken the underwear with it…either way…this small incident pretty much deserves the number 1 on my `things to be ashamed of` top. #haha



Now, I am wearing a La Mode Toujours dress today and besides having a huge admiration for the ladies who built this brand from scratch and depending only on themselves, I also think they deserve to win the Mooza contest and have their own store in Baneasa Shopping City – it will mean a lot for them if we support them – so if you like what they do vote for them  here



Goodbye now, I am running towards a hectic week.





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  1. Murphy’s law! :)) Know the feeling!

  2. rachel says:

    totally love the heels!

  3. Suzana Zeca says:

    super cool desgns, merita votul meu 🙂

  4. fiona hey says:

    esti incdredibila, ca poti sa recunoisti lucrurile astea, eu as fi murit cu rusinea :)))) ce sa mai cred ca patim cu toatele episoade ca asta, la un moment dat! oricum, foarte dragut look-ul de azi

  5. Game Of Style says:

    oH my God that must have been awkward!!!! you were too relaxed for sure after the pool

  6. wanda says:

    superbe cizmele tale de vara, si super comode 🙂 am si eu 🙂

  7. A Modern Girl says:

    you are just incredible how you always talk about the most embarrassing things bravo for that! i am sure it was not funny then, but i laughed with tears, you must admit life is funny like that…

  8. Nico says:

    am votat 🙂

  9. Die Style says:

    well, that must have been a shock…but what can you do, it happens,
    especially when you have a million things on your mind….
    chic dress anywayz 🙂

  10. Corinaaaa says:

    arati senzational Ana, ador tinuta ta, plina de elemente stylish si surprinzatoare, o adevarata inspiratie pentru mine, recunosc

  11. teodora says:

    wow ce mai poveste! cat curaj ai ana! cred ca nu o sa-l uiti prea curand episodul, dar sigur ti-ai revenit cu stil din el!

  12. gina malina says:

    imi place ce inseamna pentru tine street style-ul, e feminin si iti vine de minune

  13. Wow , eu cred ca m-as fi facut rosie ca racul si as fi vrut sa am o groapa in care sa ma ascund, anyway you are awesome si esti in stare sa iesi din situatiile astea cu stil. Mi-as dori sa am si eu puterea asta !

  14. Chiar astazi imi ziceau niste prieteni ca numai eu reusesc sa am parte de cele mai nasoale episoade.
    Din acest punct de vedere , te inteleg perfect… :))

    Cizmele sunt superbe , am si eu o pereche!

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