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25 November 2013 / By / 101 Comments

mORODAN is the best

Morodan playing the working girl

done-anamordan com working



Well, it was about time to show you a part of my work space. Here it is. Sweet chaos. Got me thinking, a part of my professional activity takes place around my work space. I write on the blog, edit photos, answer mails and plan my activities here. And in between, lots of side activities are also present in this room. Activities like eating mini pizzas/donuts/chocolate cookies/cakes /rarely a smoothie, scratching my back, working in my pajamas – a plus to having your work space at home – endless talks on the phone, procrastinating, acting stupid and sometimes even shaving.



having fun with Braun

Morodan is having fun

shaving with braunI am wearing a vintage blouse, a  Zara skirt, Louboutin heels, a pearl bracelet and a Stella McCartney ring

© Serban Cristea – shoot with Canon Eos 100 D – #canonromania #wespeakimage



Yep, the ladylike attitude went all down the drain. But you’ll forgive me because I have the brand new Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry and you can WIN it and make it yours! A?




 All you have to do is tell me your darkest secret when it comes to beauty procedures or stuff you do at the office that are not so “politically correct”, by leaving a comment here below. Like, I’m shaving my legs in the car in the morning, at the traffic light.


Here are the Braun rules of the contest.


You have 3 days, kittens. Muuaaahhh



UPDATE  – Dorin, you’ve just won! I loved the fact that you noticed secret things at your partner and you love that at her and also, you got bonus points for calling her a lady!







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  1. Liana says:

    When i don’t have time to do my nails at the salon, i use my not so private space at the office, to color my nails 🙂

  2. Ioana says:

    I do my nails at the office before my boss arrives :)). And of course I open the window, so he can’t smell the nail polish >:)

    time’s short, so take advantage of the time at the office!

  3. Gorgeouuuuuuus skirt! love your work space!

  4. andreea ilie says:

    eu uit mereu sa imi iau mustata si de aceea in geanta mea mereu exista benzii depilatoare si cand imi aduc aminte la serviciu sau in drum spre munca le scot si incep procedura 😀 epilator nu detin si nu am folosit pana acum sper sa am noroc sa am sansa sa testez aceasta mica minune multumim <3

  5. Eve says:

    Crema de galbenele pe toata fata de doua ori pe saptamana, lasata sa actioneze peste noapte. Reguli: el doarme la el acasa, iar eu dorm toata noaptea pe spate, complet nemiscata. Unsuroasa, da. Incomoda, da. Dar merita. Parol.

  6. Radu Corina says:

    La birou folosesc constant uleiul de cuticule si am colege care imi fac in par impletituri interesante in care uneori folosesc si flori proaspete 🙂 si lucrez intr-o multinationala.

  7. Roxana says:

    I pluck my eyebrows in public bathrooms. I know people might find it offensive, but damn, my eyebrows always look good. 😀

  8. Daniela says:

    Now I organize myself better, but there was a time, when I worked in other place and during my afternoon shift i used to go to the saloon near my work and do my hair or my nails:(.
    While I lived in London I used to go during my lunch breaks to the saloon for a blow dry.

    I like to look very good every moment, so I do not find excuses for that, I just do it!:)

  9. candrea nadia alina says:

    At the office??? Just work work work! HAHAHA, I was kidding! Sometimes make -up, if I don’t have the time for that at home before leaving the house; sometimes nail polishing; sometimes wash my hair and dry! Isn’t that cool?! Kisses, Ana and thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Adela says:

    i always do my make-up in the car and my nails at the office 🙂

  11. Iv says:

    Chiar sunt singura care nu face nimic de genul? hmm, poate pentru că nu am destulă experiență în câmpul muncii:)) sau am un program mult prea lejer care îmi permite să întârzii.

  12. Laura says:

    Not so “Politically correct”? Well… I read beauty blogs and I am not allowed on the internet…. So, If I get caught you better send me the Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry to comfort me if I loose my job!
    Sometimes I do my nails or my eyebrows. I have a tiny mirror in may bag for that all the time. And some nail polish in red! Red goes perfect with everything! :))

    Kisses dear!

  13. Elena Rusu says:

    Dirtiest secret… I’ve stopped using soap or shower gels in the shower.
    Most awesome secret… I use coffee grounds instead and olive oil on occasion, after shower. The grindy parts of the coffee exfoliate and clean the hell out of my skin. But the truly awesome part is that it also hydrates and leaves skin sooft, happy, without that dry, stingy sensation. Finally, I had a place to grab about this in public :))
    And loove how olive oil nicely calms every inch of traumatized skin, after using my already aging, but still going strong Braun epilator.. wink wink

  14. Liv says:

    Povestea mea nu imi apartine, dar este prea amuzanta si potrivita ocaziei. Am o prietena absolut obsedata de epilarile perfecte. Nici un fir de par nu trebuie sa ii scape. Dar cum stie din proprie experienta ca in mijlocul actiunii se poate intampla sa mai ratezi cate un “nenorocit”, umbla tot timpul cu o lama de ras in poseta.
    Intr-o zi tocmai ajunsese la curs, se asezase langa un coleg/posibil iubit si fireste ca vroia sa impresioneze.Cand..oroare. Pe mana ei fina, proaspat epilata vede un fir de par negru. Cu abilitatea unei feline, cred eu, in scurtul moment in care colegul si-a intors capul pentru a face nu-stiu-ce, prietena mea a scos lama din poseta si l-a anihilat pe nenorocit (firul de par, nu colegul 😛 ).
    Problema este ca in graba ei, s-a cam taiat.Cand si-a intors colegul ei capul, a observat ca ea avea o bulina de sange pe mana si, foarte afectat, a inceput sa ii povesteasca despre pielea cu capilare sensibile, ca si el mai pateste din astea, se trezeste cu cate un vas de sange explodat etc etc.
    Prietena mea s-a vazut nevoita sa-si accepte “sensibilitatea” si s-a bucurat ca nu a vazut-o nimeni cand isi manifesta obsesia.

  15. Raluca says:

    🙂 Funny! Usually I try to get ready at home but if I have to go after work elsewhere i retouch my makeup with a little blush and fix my hair. At work i use hand cream often since it is winter , i have to take care of my skin, though durind summer sometimes i cream-color my knee and elbows!

  16. Irina says:

    :))))))))) Primul meu sertar de la comoda de sub imprimanta e privat 🙂
    Ce inseamna asta?
    E plin de oje, pila, penseta, acetona, spray de picioare,plasturi, apa termala, parfumuri, servetele demachiante,ulei pentru varfuri, crema de maine, crema de fata perie, pieptan pt dat volum si un make-up pouch cu de toate 🙂
    Pana vine seful ma machiez. Nu plec de acasa machiata, este prea dimineata pentru mine. Imi fac unghiile sau mi le retusez depinde de zi. Ma pensez. Daca este plecat mai mult imi fac toata manichiura – inmuiat unghii, taiat pielite, hidratare, tratament, oja.Cand folosesc oja intotdeauna desfac o portocala sau ceva citric sa mascheze mirosul 🙂
    Am si o lama in caz ca am ratat cu epilatorul vreun fir in weekend 🙂

    O zi buna Ana 🙂

  17. Cristina Popescu says:

    La birou, cand nu ma vede seful, ma dau cu oja pe unghii, cand nu reusesc acasa. Daca as avea epilatorul Braun Silk Epil 7 care este independent de cablul de alimentare, l-as folosi discret vara sa elimin firele rebele de pe picioare :-), care se vad foarte bine la lumina soarelui.

  18. Alina N says:

    Maybe not the happiest perkiest beauty secret to be carried out in an office bathroom, however when you mentioned “office” this is what came to mind: how to deal with crying at the office. I have cried in the office bathroom a few times over work life and so many times over my troubles with men (weak and girly).
    It was a bit more difficult when we only had one stall but you can do it.

    So, I would go inside and cry over whatever it was that upset me. Don’t stay too long, it is not healthy, just do a quick round of crying and self pity and use toilet paper as a compress, wet with cold water, over your eyes to prevent them from swelling and going all red, good for the nose area as well, make sure to exit when nobody is there and then go for fresh cold air and listen to music. Always worked for me!

  19. Dorin says:

    Sometimes, when people aren’t looking, I see her snatching her eyebrows hair with a tweezer. And she polish her nails too. (or some of them)

    I believe she carries around all these utensils, just in case. It’s not like a complete beauty session, just small adjustments to be perfect. (as far as I can understand)

    Is it odd to say that sometimes it’s interesting to see a lady doing her beauty procedures? Even if this happens at work?

  20. Andra Melinte says:

    Because I’m lazy and I hate mornings, I usually get up too late to do my make up before I leave the house :)) so I keep a make up bag at work and my mornings at work begin after I “put my face on” :))

  21. Cristina T says:

    Bless me boss for I have sinned! It’s been two weeks since I have done my nails at the office, in the restroom. To be honest I have also fornicated with my eyebrows at times and that lipstick does not stay red from dawn till dusk (God knows I do not work the whole night shift!!).

  22. Pirvu Florentina says:

    When i don’t have time at home, I do may nails at the office.

  23. Alex says:

    Hmmm…La munca imi place sa ii fac masaj colegei de birou.

  24. Maria Ilie says:

    Cand nu ma vede nimeni, imi scot firele de par crescute pe sub piele.

  25. alina d says:

    I get my nails done all the time (French usually), pluck my eyebrows and of course I do my makeup every mourning .
    In conclusion every thing that I do for myself in the work time is a bless for my inner beauty.

  26. Mona-Angela C. says:

    Si eu obisnuiam sa ma machiez/ pensez in toaleta de la munca.. in birou chiar era imposibil.. fiind callcenter hahah

  27. Miky says:

    Mi-am intins parul cu placa sub birou, erau prize in podea si era singura optiune. Imparteam biroul cu o colega care mi-a tinut de sase insa peretii erau de sticla. 🙂

  28. Lupu Alexandra Mihaela says:

    Hei! 🙂 Se mai intampla sa-mi fac unghiile cand prind o pauza mica sau uneori chiar sa ma machiez inainte sa ajung la facultate. Sau binenteles de fiecare data cand mi se rupe vreo unghie am pila la mine si mi-o repar imediat, oriunde, chiar si in metrou. 🙂 Cel mai greu e sa ma dau cu rimel in masina, dar reusesc de multe ori. 🙂 Sau se intampla sa ma epilez pe maini cu 10 minute inainte sa plec si dupa sunt cam rosie si arat un pic ciudat dar e ok.
    Cam atat. Sper sa castig epilatorul!
    O zi cat mai placuta! :*

  29. Soos Cristina says:

    Pffff in momentul de fata iti citesc blogul cu lumina stinsa !
    in rest cred ca doar manichiura 🙂 imi fac de cap doar cand este plecat in vacanta
    pentru ca in rest nu prea am timp 🙁
    he’s here !!!!
    Pupici :*:*

  30. Catalina Stoian says:

    Draga Ana,

    Doamne, dar cate fac eu la birou, care nu sunt chiar atat de “office tasks”:D.

    So, inainte de fiecare meeting, imi retusez culoarea de pe unghii; trebuie sa arat ca si “proaspat iesita de la manichiura”. Apoi, imi refac machiajul folosindu-ma de ecranul laptopului ( il inchid, evident ca sa il folosec pe post de oglinda). Si cea mai urata treaba, este ca imi scot acele fire rebele care cresc pe la barbie ( ma fac mica dupa laptop si I do my stuff).

    Cred ca toate avem aceste not “politically correct” lucruri pe care le facem, din dorinta de a eficientiza timpul si mai ales pentru a arata grozav.

    PS: intre noi fie vorba, completez raspunsul la acest concurs chiar in timpul oreleor de birou, si chiar am amanat sa sun un colaborator, motivand ca a aparut o urgenta:), dar merita sa raspund provocarii tale!

    Love the work u do, felicitari pentru V for vintage a fost super cool.

  31. Roxana says:

    Hmm, mereu am o penseta in geanta si cum niciodata nu am timp sa ma pensez acasa cel mai bun loc este in masina la semafor sau pe sub birou la servici 🙂 , because We are Girls and We have to look fab all the time ! Apropo esti minunata kisses xoxo

  32. Andreea says:

    Meeting deadlines while still doing my nails and make-up at work? No problem 🙂

  33. Oana says:

    Me and my colleagues do our nails while at work. Because we work in and advertising agency we basically lie that it helps us keep the creativity alive :))

  34. Dianaaa says:

    i am a bad bad girl. eu blochez baia cateodata 5 minute ca sa ma pensez, e o lumina excelenta

  35. Andreia says:

    1. uns picioarele cu crema…cand pielea arata nehidratata.
    2. dat cu oja, din cand in cand..

  36. Chic&Chic says:

    oh well, why do you make us do this? a? now i have to admit to some things that were secret! top secret! here goes: i do shave my legs at the traffic light, i do my nails at the office under the desk, i change my stockings at least once a day sometimes under the desk, when i do not have time. oh, and when i have an important meeting i draw a mol next to my mouth for good luck 🙂

  37. Laura Dima says:

    i am pretty regular it seems, like many girls imi fac unghiile la birou!

  38. samantha says:

    i spend soooo many hours at the office i kinda made it my home. so my habits are pretty intimate: i have an alectric massager that i use when i get back ackes, when i’m almost the only one left i do some stretching, i do my nails of course, pick my eyebrows, shave. a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

  39. Oana says:

    In timpul orelor de serviciu am mai multa rabdare sa ma pensez (+oglinda mare in baia luminata), mi-am mai dat unghiile cu lac(sa fie rapid :)), dar cea mai neoficiala treaba la serviciu a fost sa probez (evident, in baie) niste haine comandate de pe internet:)))

    Te admir foarte mult!! Imi plac postarile tale… Simtul tau al umorului – like it, like it, like it!!

  40. Cherie says:

    you are crazy 🙂 this is an unusual contest 🙂 well i always have my tweezers and a mirror with me cause i have some wild eyebrows, so many and odd have been he places i have used them. Once i was on a date and when he went to the bathwoon i saw there were something wrong i panicked and did it under the table after pretending i droppped something.

  41. ana says:

    eu imi tai bretonul in masina, am devenit foarte skilled

  42. marina ionescu pop says:

    pedichiura la birou!

  43. cristinica says:

    ma epilez in toaleta de la birou cateodata, se aude un sunet zbarnait si primesc priviri mirate cand ies, dar nu ma deranjeaza 🙂

  44. Stylish One says:

    i sometimes stretch my hair in the bathroom at the office

  45. Buzea Luana says:

    pick my eyebrows at the traffic light sau blochez liftul si o fac acolo

  46. Ene Sofia Raluca says:

    La birou? Hmmmm, ma inchid o data pe saptamana in baie si ma pensez iar uneori ma si dau cu crema pe picioare si brate, pentru hidratare ;))…si in fiecare zi stau pe facebook, bloguri, etc…:)

  47. olive v. says:

    i keep my hands in olive oil napkins for 10 minutea now and then, early in the morning at the office

  48. carmen thompson says:

    sometimes i eat my lunch during working hours and use my lunch break to get a massage across the street

  49. Vanessa says:

    oh i adore breaking the office rules, or shocking men in the the traffic. i once changed my outfot at the traffic light, the guy next to me was so shocked cause he saw me in my bra :))))) i think we should make it fun a hectic schedule can be pretty fun by doing crazy stuff like this

  50. maria iulia says:

    i sometimes put a song on and redo my make up while talking to my beat friend at the office, on my lunch break. doar ca sa ma deconectez si sa schmb ritmul

  51. Style Babes says:

    i drive with gloves on filled with moituriser, i have really dry skin and it helps

  52. Lory Story says:

    i love wearing heels and i feel incomplete without them , but the side effect is sore feet sometimes so i give myself a foot massage under the desk to relax from time to time

  53. Adriana says:

    Hello, Ana!!! Cel mai intunecat secret al meu vine din vremuri demult apuse, dar nicidecum uitate, de prin perioada adolescentei cand inca “ma manca pielea” sa incerc una, alta si nu imi era nici prea teama de ce va sa vie…pana intr-o buna zi cand am zis sa incerc sa fac din camera mea salon de cosmetica, epilandu-ma singura cu ceara de unica folosinta! Nu pot descrie ce a urmat, dar tot chinul nu s-a putut sfarsii decat la un salon adevarat, unde am ajuns atat eu, cat si ceara uscata pe pielea mea! Shhhh

  54. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    i have this beauty trick since teenage years: if i have a late night, either work or party or sex, and get the dark circles around my eyes, i grab my moisturiser and some grinded coffee (1 teaspoon), mix it and apply it around my eyes, drive with sunglasses on, go into the bathroom at the office, take the treatment off and put the make up on, and ta naaaa. good as new!

  55. bianca says:

    de fiecare data cand am o zi proasta am un mood changer- imi schiomb machiajul si coafura, and with that my mood, it’s magic i tell ya

  56. Love For Fashion says:

    i have a quite odd looking habit, and that is an exercise you can do while doing your work. i push my lower jaw in front tensing the muscles that connect my neck to my breasts. i repeat it 50 times every day. this way i help my breasts to stay in their place and i can wear them proudly!

  57. popescu A. says:

    ma hranesc cu morcovi ca o nebuna, au vitamina A din plin ceea cea imi intretine pielea si ochii

  58. OTI says:

    doamne dumnezeule dupa ce am citit ce au scris toate fetele nu mi se mai pare deloc ciudat ce fac eu :)))) dat cu crema pe picioare la volan sau la birou, epilat pensat manichiura pedichiura ce mai un salon ambulant suntem :)))) suntem funny

  59. Steluta says:

    🙁 cu parere de rau admit ca mai folosesc varful creionului mecanic pentru a rupe cuticulele deranjante. Mi-e cam jena, recunosc dar tot o fac(sper sa scap de obiceiul acesta :D).

  60. ulma says:

    this one i know from sarah jessica parker, if anyone wonders how she is all muscles and skinny: i tense my muscles while at my desk, while driving or doing anything, after a while it becomes natural, and it really works. and when it is sunny outseide i sit in the sun for at least 10 mintes. it is great for the skin and for the inner beauty 😉

  61. Diana says:

    eu sunt singura in birou si cum fac treaba antreprenoriceasca imi dau seama ce fac angajatii!!! :))))))))))

  62. kiki j. says:

    yoga in pauza de masa si crema hidratanta dupa!

  63. Alice Dooper says:

    because i don’t work for a big corporation, but with only a few ladies, we became friends and have cute beauty rituals, so for us beauty is politically correct 🙂 not very often but when we want to celebrate

  64. denise says:

    i love taking a power nap with a moisturiser on for ten minute in my car. it sounds crazy but i have a really busy schedule and it does wonders

  65. helena christensen says:

    why isn’t anybody talking about the summer armpit shaving emergency procedure? i always have my electric shaver in my bag and use it in the bathroom if it’s the case

  66. Fete Fine says:

    foarte cool concursul! i love sharing “dirty” stuff! Aana ador fusta ta btw!

  67. Georgette says:

    am zile in care daca vreau sa am mai mult curaj port lenjerie deosebit de kinky

  68. Iulia Vantu Nita says:

    nu merg niciodata cu liftul si fac drumul pe scari de doua ori inainte sa intru in birou. arati splendid Ana! pantofii sunt to die for!

  69. Maria Lina says:

    daca plec in graba de acasa, bineinteles ca ma fardez pe drum in masina, si ma dau cu parfum inainte sa cobor din masina ca sa ma simt perfecta 🙂

  70. Vivienne Lawson says:

    i watch a sitting exercize programme while at work if i feel the need to disconnect, and of course i exercize, sitting, no one knows.

  71. Beauty of the beast says:

    wow love your work space, this is why i love working at home too, i can do my beauty procedures freely

  72. FASHION GAL says:

    face mask in the bathroom before important meetings

  73. wanda says:

    cel mai greu este cu machiajul in drum spre birou, trebuie indemanare! mare!

  74. Camelia Rusaneanu says:

    am parul lung si cateodata il port despletit, imi place sa-l port asa cu un costum smart, dar doar in cap imi place parul! asa ca nu o data am fost nevoita sa scap de cateva fire la birou. doar ca in toaleta, fiindca avem geamuri de sticla si nu puteam sa risc chiar asa

  75. teodora says:

    <3 love braun !!!! m-a salvat de atatea ori!

  76. Skinny Mary says:

    how nice 🙂 you work with flowers on your desk

  77. Larisa says:

    Ooook, my darkest secret when it comes to beauty procedures. Traim intr-o lume agitata si mereu pe fuga si cam asa sunt si eu. Asa ca de fiecare data cand imi schimb culoarea unghiilor, procesul are loc in miscare. Ies pe usa cu 2-3 dischete demachiante imbibate in acetona si pana ajung la masina am scapat de oja. Apoi, inainte sa pornesc motorul aplic intaritorul, iar la primul semafor primul strat de oja. De obicei reusec sa termin de aplicat oja doar la degetele de la o mana la un semafor asa ca am nevoie de 4 semafoare pentru a aplica 2 straturi e oja. Nicio problema! Thank God(or not) traficul din Bucuresti este infernal, iar semafoare sunt multe(si de cele mai multe ori tin atat de mult incat daca te chinui putin, reusesti sa iti faci si pedichiura, nu numai manichiura).

    Te pup Ana! Mult succes in continuare!

  78. Diana says:

    Eu uneori ma machiez la serviciu. Fiind o mamica mai mereu ocupata, nu reusesc intotdeauna sa ma machiez de acasa, asa ca imi iau portfardul in poseta si imi continui la serviciu ritualul de infrumusetare 🙂

  79. IoanaD says:

    Oh, eu la job mă simt ca acasă, chiar dacă lucrez în domeniul recuperării de creanțe. Am birouașul meu unde există mereu un portfard cu tot ce am nevoie pentru a-mi retușa sau reface machiajul atunci când e nevoie și e nevoie aproape zilnic, fie pentru că urmează vreo ședință, fie pentru că după program merg în altă parte și nu am timp să trec pe acasă (de aceea am și câteva bluzițe într-un dulap). Tot acolo îmi fac unghiile sau mă pensez. 🙂

  80. gabriela says:

    Eu folosesc o data pe saptamana zahar brun cu miere pe corp pentru exfoliere, apoi ulei de argan. O metoda foarte buna pentru piele sensibila.

    La birou nu prea ma ocup cu treburi de ordin estetic. Rar cand sunt in intarziere ajung sa ma machiez la birou.

  81. Andreea Petrica says:

    Eu oricat de bine pensata cred ca sunt, la lumina de la birou descopar mereu fire noi. Asa ca nu-mi lipseste niciodata penseta din geanta, si deseori pensez firele nedorite. In plus ma machiez de multe ori in baia biroului, pentru ca nu mai am timp sa o fac acasa, iar oglinda din lift este prietena mea cea mai buna! Ea imi spune mereu ca nu sunt rujata sau nu m-am dat cu fond de ten. 🙂

  82. Sorina says:

    Well…I work from home so….please copy paste all of the above :-))))
    I shave, plock, stare in the mirror for imperfections and nasty hairs…all but work, right?
    How a very smart man would say: ” not like a monkey, dog!!! ” :-p

  83. Magda says:

    he has a very annoying and long hair on the check bone he always manages to miss while shaving. so i cut it while he sleeps..

  84. Aida says:

    Niciodata nu imi sterg unghiile cand trebuie asa ca ma trezesc la serviciu ca pe fiecare unghie oja nu mai are niciun aspect. Asa ca tot timpul tin dizolvant si discuri demachiante in sertarul de la birou. Am grija sa deschid geamul pana dispare mirosul, of course 🙂

  85. Sabina says:

    Nails, make-up, freshening up, moisturizing, the works 🙂 And I work in an all-male environment.

  86. Maria says:

    La birou se intampla tot felul de lucruri neortodoxe…. Manichiura (completa :))), pensat, aranjat par, machiat, schimbat dresuri, schimbat haine (dupa ce, in prealabil, am turnat o doza de pepsi pe frumoasa tinuta all white), probat haine comandate online, aplicat unt de corp si crema de maini… La epilat nu am ajuns, desiiii, este posibil ca noul Braun sa devina accesoriul preferat pentru uzul la birou :)).

    O zi frumoasa Ana!

  87. Andreea C says:

    De cand e rece afara trebuie sa am Visine la mine. Si anticearcan. Si dermatograf. Or they call me Vampire Lady :))

  88. lademoisella says:

    No dark secret to make public but I feel the urge to tell you that you look amazing. Feminine, powerful, chic, stylish – a lady!

  89. Violeta Rednic says:

    Se-ntampla uneori sa mai imi iau mustata dimineata, inainte de a porni la serviciu.Ce este foarte neplacut e ca nu o data mi s-a intamplat sa intru rosie in jurul gurii la birou, ceea ce e si amuzant pana la urma.

  90. Ana says: pensez, imi fac unghiile, ma machiez uneori (retusurile sunt la ordinea zilei), ma dau zilnic cu ulei de cuticule…citesc site-ul tau :)))

  91. Covaci Camelia -Bianca says:

    Cel mai adesea, privindu-ma in oglinda, fiind si lumina, ma mai apuca nebunia sa scot cate un punct negru de pe fata; ceea ce e total nepotrivit, imi cam las zona tumefiata timp de cateva momente, insa procedura ma cam obsedeaza: cum vad un punt negru mare, cum imi vine sa-l scot.

  92. Silvia says:

    Hello dear Ana!

    Beauty be honest for 4 years i do my make up in the car, on my way to work…sometimes it works and sometimes its a disaster. 🙂

  93. Lux says:

    Eu sunt încă studentă, așa că nu am un birou. Dacă aș avea, probabil ar fi dezastru. De ce? Pentru că biroul de acasă are în aproape fiecare sertar oglindă și pensetă. Pot să stau nemachiată, pot să am oja super sărită de pe unghii, să fiu nepieptănată, dar am o obsesie pentru sprâncene, motiv pentru care trebuie să am posibilitatea în fiecare minut liber să verific dacă e vreun fir răzleț. Gata! Mi-ați aflat și secretul.

  94. Macy says:

    Mmmm…un secret legat de beauty…cam mult :)) stiu ca nu e bine, sunt constienta de asta, dar cand nu am timp sa epilez cu ceara mustacioara, o tai cu o forfecuta doar ca sa nu se mai vada negru si urat, bleah 😀 si cand a crescut si daca am timp o epilez cu ceara (e cam singurul loc care in care suport durerea de la epilarea cu ceara) 😀 acest secret mi-a venit acum in minte 🙂

  95. Alexandra says:

    There was a period when I had to travel a lot by train. That is why I used to take advantage of the moments when I didn`t have to share a train compartment, to do my nails.

  96. Roxana Serban says:

    Eu pot sa spun ca sunt norocoasa. Sefa are in birou un sertar plin cu oje si chiar ea este cea care mi-a zis cand am chef pot sa imi fac manichiura. De asemenea in baie avem un sertar plin cu farduri, cosmetice. Ah si saptamana asta ne-a cumparat si o bicicleta eliptica sa facem miscare.

  97. Oana says:

    Cel mai dark secret? Imi urasc fruntea, mi se pare prea mica, asa ca imi pensez cam jumate de cm din linia fruntii. Doare ingrozitor, dureaza mult si e neplacut pt ca e pielea f sensibila…but, things we do for beauty 🙂

  98. Ioana C says:

    numai hidratarea mainilor o fac la birou…chiar daca pe urma imi aluneca degetele pe touchpad 😀

  99. Ivana says:

    Dirtiest secret… Well, I know, I know smoking is bad, but socializing isn’t, especially with the cute guy who works on a different floor. Therefore, I have to look gorgeous each time there is an opportunity to interact. This means impeccable make-up is mandatory. Basically, each of the 2-3 smoking breaks/day is being precessed by a complete beauty-check-up and I carry with me a purse that hides a beauty case that contains almost everything a woman has in her bathroom. Once it happened to be forgotten (work-related stress, deadlines, the real problems people have at work), so I took a walk to the mall (it was closer than home) and bought make-up, perfume, face and body lotion, etc.. All my money vanished on beauty products. On my way back, I realized how this isn’t about being insecure anymore, but about being crazy. Next day, I gave up smoking.

  100. Laura says:

    Who won, who won????

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