Which Are The Style Details Which Make Your Style So Unique and Aristo?

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27 August 2015 / By / 39 Comments

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This hot hot hot sun…Ohhh, how I wish summer to be gone and Autumn to be finally here #Drama #Drama #Drama 


Now, you know, being a digital countess also implies responsibility. I visited the King the other day. Brought an umbrella with me. Laying in the sun all day may not be the best option so you know, we have to take care of each other. 



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Oh, how did I become a digital aristocrat? That`s an old story. You can find it on the blog somewhere. It all started with me being born 30 years ago. 5b nope, it all started with Tavi mocking me. But you already know that so better yet, I`ll answer to another question I`ve been asked yesterday:




Ana Morodan 5Josephine jewelry – Morodan Shop pants and body – Ludmila Corlateanu Cape – Smiling Shoes heels 

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev





Which Are The Style Details Which Make Your Style So Unique and Aristo?




  • The Number One aspect is The Focus I give to picking the most astonishing accessories – I remember when I was still living in Arad and I`ve discovered Josephine –  my first custom made bracelet – I`m wearing it even today – the decadent feeling of these pieces of jewelry and their positive vibe went right to my soft spot



  • Through the years I`ve educated my aesthetic view to spot that element which will take my outfit from O to Hero – today was the veil cape – I`m wearing a body and a pair of empire pants – a great basic combination but the cape makes it unforgettable 



  • Focus on the head – You know, us women, we`re pretty smart so why not transmit that – another power focus when it comes to my style are head accessories – because it`s always cool to subtle draw attention to the most mysterious and great asset we have – our mind. Today I picked this hand crafted Josephine headband. You can customize it in every Swarovski color. I chose Champagne. Oh, by the way, here`s the charming Florina, the designer and owner of Josephine 




These are  the first three most important aspects which define my personal style. After all, I think this is the beauty of fashion – it gives you the means to be whomever you want to be – even a digital aristocrat.



Goodbye dear King. Please accept my eternal admiration and rest assured, i`ll stop by from time tot time. Just to remind you that your world is not dead. It became a 3.0 version. 










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  1. Stunning as usual 🙂

  2. noco says:

    superba, mi-era dor de o tinuta…dramatica :))

  3. Adina Iancu says:

    Love the headband, I think they are new tiaras, don’t you?

  4. iuliana p says:

    minunate bijuteriile

  5. Pixie says:

    Great outfit, and the color is simply amazing

    PS: the bracelets are so unique

  6. alexandra says:

    cred ca e foarte important pentru o femeie sa stie sa aleaga bijuteriile, mai ales ca e atat de usor sa treci din aristo in kitch. te-am apreciat mereu pentru asta, si desi unele mi s-au parut uneori too much pentru mine, au fost de fiecare data impecabil alese

  7. Jojo says:

    Josephine is the next must have on my list, thank yoouuuuuuu <3

  8. Lady Di says:

    Focus on the head, we tend to forget that many times 😉

  9. Liza Dobre says:

    Foarte frumoasa, si cu accesoriile perfecte 🙂

  10. nathalie says:

    The perfect shade of red and the perfect jewellery

  11. Gabi Iftene says:

    Bentitele si cordelutele Josephine sunt absolut superbe, genul de piese pe care le lasi mostenire

  12. Rebeca says:

    I love your style, and thanks for the advice on the head pieces 😉

  13. anamaria says:

    bratara de pe mana dreapta e splendida

  14. Edna says:

    awesome cape and even more awesome headpiece

  15. Ilinca Soare says:

    These are perfeeeeeect for a bride to beeeeeee, MEEEEEEE! I absolutely love theorem

  16. oana-alexandra b. says:

    bijuteriile te scot din anonimat, si e clar nevoie de un fler aparte ca sa le alegi cum trebuie. sunt minunate, bravo

  17. Madalina Florea says:

    E clar, daca vrei inspiratie in ce priveste bijuteriile, all eyes on Ana Morodan :))))

  18. Emma Reay says:

    I found your blog on Lookbook and your outfit, makeup and photography is amazing!

    Emma at http://www.collagemepretty.blogspot.co.uk

  19. georgiana oproiu says:

    bijuteriile sunt superbe, perfecte for a friday night fever 🙂 pantalonii imi plac mult, cand vor fi disponibili pe site?

  20. Sorina says:

    Bijuteriile bine alese transforma intotdeauna o tinuta, mi-ar placea sa am acest “talent” 🙂

  21. Adelina_Sunny says:

    Perfect headpiece for a party, and for a bride, I love it

  22. catalina says:

    eu am gasit produsul preferat, e asta http://shop.josephine.ro/shop/brose/brosa-josephine-dantelarie 🙂 ce parere ai?

  23. Nadia Grigoras says:

    Minunate, ador bijuteriile cu cristale, cred ca nu se vor demoda niciodata

  24. Diana says:

    SuperAna, cea mai frumoasa eroina <3

  25. ioana lidia says:

    uneori am impresia ca doar tie ti se potrivesc bijuteriile pretioase, cu pietre…si ti potrivesc de minune 😉

  26. Lila G. Burch says:

    Red is love. Love the style you are rocking with, dress colour, jewellery make up all amazing. I prefer clothingric.com and sites a like for shop the fashion accessories as they save a lot for me.

  27. Medeea says:

    The outfit is simply WOW

  28. anca daniel says:

    cred ca as putea purta astfel de bentite pretioase in toate culorile si cu toate tinutele :))

  29. didi says:

    lovely bracelets <3

  30. Florina Popa says:

    As fi in stare sa cumpar toate creatiile Josephine, chiar si pe cele de mireasa 🙂 sunt absolut superbe

  31. Cristea Simona says:

    Esti minunata, o eroina 3.0 😉

  32. Cristina Zaharia says:

    Accesoriile sunt foarte importante, sunt total de acord. Mai ales cele lucrate frumos, cum sunt acestea. Ma bucur ca avem branduri de bijuterii pe care si noi le putem lasa mostenire la randul nostru, asa cum am primit de la bunicile noastre

  33. veronica007 says:

    I am madly in love with precious jewelry, and this brand is my new crush

  34. Ana Zamfirache says:

    superbi pantalonii, sper ca vor fi si pe negru 😉

  35. Marie Ionescu says:

    Imi place la nebunie tinuta asta rosie, e splendida

  36. Liza says:

    Focus on the head, ladies! It’s your greatest asset and it doesn’t become unattractive with age 😉

  37. iuliana g. says:

    champagne would have been mu choice too ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. JewelryLove says:

    Cool pieces, the headband is lovely

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