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Zara shoes, H&M dress, H&M blazer, Asos bag, vintage jewelry
Photos by Patricia Imbarus



“There’s always…

a little truth behind every I don’t know
a little curiosity behind every just wondering
a little emotion behind every I don’t care
a little knowledge behind every I don’t know
a little pain behind every I’m ok
a little love behind I hate you
a little I need you behind every leave me alone
a lot of words behind the silence…”


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  1. lovely words… and totally true

    big kiss

  2. Arina says:

    uh…too much of too much! love you!

  3. eatsleepwear says:

    girl, u are so effortlessly chic. always 🙂 i really do love the brooch! xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  4. Mary says:

    ADORABLE! One of my favorite outfits on you! So fresh and feminine!

    Lots of love!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  5. Just A Smile says:

    Ce picioare bronzate si frumoase ai 😡 They’d make anyone gelous :))

  6. Stephanie says:

    that is so true.. :]

    Love your outfit, especially the jacket!


  7. janettaylor says:

    Lovely blazer and brooch!

  8. Ramona J. says:

    Have i told you lately that i love you? 🙂

  9. Chaucee says:

    That is an awesome awesome brooch!

  10. styleatelier says:

    Ana, this is perfect! 🙂 -Angela

  11. I am totaly in love with this outfit!

  12. Anthea says:

    Love your jacket! The brooch makes it even better. Beautiful Ana!

    Embracing Style

  13. I love your look and the retro jewellery. And those words are so true.

  14. nookie says:

    I love this one so much:x
    Simply amazing!
    And I’m gonna go to Stradivarius really soon;;)

  15. buffy says:

    The words are so true. And I like your shoes. 🙂

  16. Ven says:

    thosee quatation worddd are sooo truee!! like itt ;D

    anywayy,, loving ur heels :))


  17. Daiane says:

    love this set of pics! and the final words… thank you sweetie for the nice reminder!


  18. Very cute look!

  19. Eszter says:

    love your blazer, your heels, but most of all your brooch. I’m a sucker for brooches they are my favourite accessory in the whole wide world. Great look.

  20. Emily says:

    Love the brooch with a more urban outfit!



  21. Ana-Maria says:

    Iti urmaresc blogul de ceva vreme si cum a inceput nebunia cu “I love your blog” … esti pe lista mea.

    O seara faina!

  22. Dena says:

    what beautiful post darling. very wise words.

    Love this look, esp the chunky gold bracelet.

    Dena x

  23. one more time you look amazing! really nice photos!
    love your blazer and jewelry!

  24. Fleur-de-Lis says:

    i must say i loved your hair in this post.. it’s always great but this time i think it’s very very cool*
    The words you said are so true..

  25. buffy says:

    am vrut sa mai stii ca astept cu nerabdare noile postari..:)..esti un deliciu

  26. Gia says:

    OHH, now it’s my time to say:girl, you’re magical:)
    I absolutely love your unique style.
    The blazer is great, and what I love is the broach, very cute:)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  27. I love the bright nailpolish and the little grey coat!

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