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In the light of the new Kitchen Victim episodes I want to tell you one blunt truth – I`m shit at this cooking stuff. Yes, I might figure out a preheated meal but after that you`ve lost me.

Take for example, yesterday when we`ve made a shooting break at Casara and they invited me to see their new redecorated kitchen – just take a look, I feel misplaced, uncomfortable and weird in a kitchen – although this one is my dream kitchen. I must admit, my real kitchen looks like a back closet.








Ana Morodan.comI am wearing an M.Marquise dress, a PNK Casual blazer and Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels

Photos by Mihai Dina at Casara



I am just pointing this out because Mazilu tries to teach me all these cakes recipes for Christmas. Cakes! Cakes??!?! You have to be Einstein to bake a cake. *

Now, leaving the subject aside, I bring you a joyful giveaway – because yes, the nowadays accessory is a gadget or an accessory of a gadget or a tech related thing (got it why I`m not wearing any accessories today? I am such a subtle metaphor maker #hahanot). Really. I`ve investigated it. It`s true.


And here`s the BIG SURPRISEQuickMobile wants to be Santa Claus for you this year and here`s the cool gift: A gadget of your choice from their shop worth 500 lei – I for one, I saw a Samsung phone that looks pretty inviting.


The 3 easy steps you have to take are:

• Take a look at their site

• Leave a comment under this post with the link of the product/ s you would want Santa to bring you. Remember – 500 lei is the price range so be careful that the products you choose are within this cost

• Wait patiently until the 23rd  of December until we will select the winner by


Now tell me:

Aren`t the new accessories much better than the traditional ones?

Am I not a nice person for thinking of making this giveaway? You can say NO, it`s ok, I can take it. #smile

Isn`t this a much more nicer activity than baking a pie? Ok, fine, baking a pie might prove pretty fun, too.







* you know people, I`m assuming you are already familiar with my irony typo so don`t take it all ad literam





And THE WINNER of the QUICKMOBILE giveaway is:


Congratulations number 224! Send me an email with your contacts asap so that we can deliver your prize.





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  1. Ioana Guiman says:

    Nume:Ioana Guiman
    E-mail:qtejane at gmail dot com

    Alegerea mea:

  2. Ada says:

    Mie imi place acest smartwatch. Ar fi un supercadou 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    On 23rd of December is my birthday! So let’s hope Santa from Qick Mobile says “Happy Birthday” to me in a awesome way!
    Here’s my amazing gift idea! Golden an gorgeous! Thank you Ana!

  4. Corina Matache says:

    Alegerea mea este:, cadoul perfect pentru mama mea.

  5. Maria says:


    Eu vreau de la Mosul Quickmobile un device pentru monitorizarea activitatii zilnice, pentru ca trebuie sa ma reintorc la sala (dammit!) si un incarcator extern pentru telefon, deocarece raman tot timpul fara baterie.

  6. Oana Olariu says:

    I hope Santa will come to me with this:

  7. Gavrilă Alexandra Nicoleta says:

    Al meu sa fie! 😀 Nu de alta, da’ BB-u’ meu da semne de moarte … :-ss

  8. I would be so so so happy if Santa Quick Mobile would bring me a Jawbone. 😀

    Love :*

  9. Elena says:

    Ceva ce se asorteaza cu fotoliul comfortabil, merge insotit la fix de un ceai cu lamaie si e suficient de rezistent incat pisica mea nebuna sa nu ii roada colturile. 🙂

  10. Alina Camara says:


  11. Theodora says:
    Ar fi cadoul perfect de Craciun. Voi mi l oferiti mie iar eu mai departe fiului. Christian. 9 ani si indragostit de smartwatch:))

  12. My wish for Sanat and QuickMobile : GALAXY TAB 3 LITE 7.0 8GB WIFI ALB

  13. Anca says:

    Dear Santa,

    Make an effort,pretty please:

    Anxiously waiting,
    Anca 🙂

  14. Minea Cristina says:

    Nume: Minea Cristina
    Tel: 0724207865
    Alegerea mea: the da! Esti o persoana draguta, dar nu numai atat, esti adorabila! Kiss

  15. Adelina Gheoghita says:

    Acesta este cadoul ales,insa nu pentru mine,ci pentru micutul meu frate.

  16. Loredana_anca says:
    Samsung Galaxy ace 4 lite dualsim 4gb 3g alb- iubesc telefonul asta !
    Sarbatori frumoase !

  17. Buna Ana!

    Pentru ca sunt absolut obsedata de carti si povestile din spatele lor, am sa pariez pe acest e-book 🙂

    Multu, si sper sa am vesti de la tine in prag de Craciun!
    PS: I’m a huge fan!

  18. Roxana says:

    Mie imi place aceasta tableta:
    Ma si vad citind blogul tau pe ea 😉

  19. Monica Florea says:

    Imi plac foarte multe produse dar trebuie sa aleg doar unul :)….. si am ales:

  20. Podariu Sorina says:

    acesta ar fi telefonul perfect pentru mama mea 😀 tinem pumnii 😀

  21. As vrea sa-i fac sotului meu cadou acest smartwatch cu ocazia implinirii unui an de casatorie 🙂 stiu ca isi doreste unul de foarte mult timp:
    Iar daca tot ma incadrez in buget, mi-ar placea aceste casti, pentru mine:

    By the way, rochia este superba! Te avantajeaza de minunte!

  22. Oana Pasare says:

    Mi-ar placea tableta asta:
    Ar fi cadoul perfect, mai ales ca vine si ziua mea pe 29 dec.

    Multumesc Ana!

  23. Jigmond Carina says:

    uiiiiiite Ana, uite ce draguta si finuta e 😀 asa ca tine! :))
    oricum, e cam mult 500 de lei… adica nu vreau sa par … holly and all that dar 5 premii a cate 100 de lei erau si alea mega uber 😀 The holliday spirit got me all fuzzy and warm on the insisde, i guess.
    Te pup, ramai fabuloasa!

  24. Pt mine cadoul perfect ar fi acesta:

    asa nu as mai fi nevoita sa ascult toate discutiile din metrou/RATB :))

  25. Oana Iliescu says:

    Dear Santa, please, please, pretty please, bring me this:

    I promise i will be naughty and nice next year, as well.

  26. mie imi place acest model

    si da, esti o “nice” diva ca ne faci astfel de cadouri, sa fii iubita!

  27. Diana Marica says:

    Dear Santa,
    I have been a very good girl this past year, if you are kind enough I would really really like to have these Motorhead headphones 🙂

  28. Ioana Budai says:

    Dear Santa, the display of my old phone has broken, so I reallllllly need a replacement. Like this one :

  29. Andreea Soltan says: cel mai frumos si util cadou pentru o persoana draga mie! Fericirea ei e cel mai frumos cadou pt mine. Te pup si noormaaal ca nu ne asteptam sa ne faci o placinta!

  30. Delia says:

    Oh, I’m waiting, but not patiently 🙂
    Dear Santa, can you bring me this little thingy? Sometimes I’m good 😛

  31. Mihaela Zamfir says:

    Ana you are a nice person for doing this giveaway indeed. 🙂 Your outfit is amazing. Sure thing is fun to bake a pie dressed like this :))
    I want this gift:
    Love and joy!

  32. Ioana Campulungeanu says:

    This is a great idea Ana !!! I hope Santa will pick me this year <3

  33. Adina Flori says: Mi-as dori de la Mosu’ ceasul moto360 🙂

  34. Laura Iordache says:

    Tare mult mi-ar placea sa primesc acest telefon yellow funky:

  35. roxana says:

    Pentru ca am o scrisoare in care cineva isi doreste asta, mi-ar placea sa fiu Santa 🙂

  36. Stoica Daniela says:

    Dear Ana you’re awsome no matter what you do ! I want from Quick Mobile this gadget for fitness which will let me eat pie without loosing control of my diet –

  37. felicia says:

    amazing outfit! Fit for Santa’s helper 😉

  38. mirela popa says:

    fusta e minunataaaaa!

  39. Hilda says:

    Imi doresc acest Kindle, pentru a-mi revigora desele calatorii intre Brasov-Bucuresti.

  40. ada popa says:

    voila! si e mult sub 500, deci sper ca Mosul o sa aprecieze 🙂

  41. madalina says:

    I think my Christmas outfit would look amazing with this accesory

  42. dana cristescu says:

    draga Mos Craciun, iata care ar fi cadoul perfect pentru bebelusul nostru . E inca prea mic ca sa ceara el ceva

  43. andreia datcu says:

    Multumim Ana, you little Grinch you 🙂

  44. Irina C. says:

    ceasurile au fost intotdeauna cadoul perfect pentru mine

  45. Teodora says:

    Stiu ca cineva este foarte trist astazi si as vrea ca de Craciun sa vad un mic zambet aleg
    P.S. Cat despre tine Ana esti CONTESA PERFECTA. :*

  46. Elena Ilie says:

    niciodata nu e prea tarziu pentru iPod si mi-l doresc de vreo 5 ani

  47. Locuind in Londra si petrecandu-mi o mare parte din timp prin metrouri, un e-Book ar inlocui perfect cartea pe care o car zi de zi pentru a citi in timpul calatoriilor cu metroul.

  48. Silvia Stanga says:

    Acesta ar fi cadoul ideal pentru sora mea 🙂

  49. stanescu natalia says:

    Ce sa fie,ce sa fie??? hmmmmmm……. sa fie…uite asa!!

    Now I tell you :
    1.Nu conteaza nou,vechi…accesoriul trebuie sa faca diferenta.
    2.You’re perfectly right.
    3.Eating pie is the most pleasant activity.

  50. Dana Simion says:

    Acesta este cadoul ideal pentru iubitul meu de Craciun 🙂

  51. Mihaela B says:

    Because i want to be in this year Secret Santa, that person want:

  52. RADU-ANA-MARIA says:

    wow cum ar fi sa castig,nu de alta,dar telefonul meu tocmai a murit:

    p.s. ma indragostesc de tinutele tale in fiecare zi si iti urmaresc pagina de facebook cam…non-stop :))

  53. Luiza Hategan says:

    Cred ca stiu un shtrumf mic care ar dori de numa numa acest gadget

  54. ana says:

    Oau, eu asta as vrea de la Mosul:

    Multumim Moro si Quickmobile

  55. Alina N says:

    Chiar imi era dor de un concurs, Ana! 🙂

    Eu as lua acest ceas pentru tata:

  56. Bianca Cebuc says:

    This bookworm would definitely not mind one of these:

  57. Simona Miruna Dupir says:

    Mi-ar plăcea la nebunie ca Moșul să-mi aducă asta:

  58. Scaesteanu Catalin says:

    acesta este linkul cu gadgetul pe care vreau sa mi-l aduca QuickMobile’s Santa Claus 😀

  59. Hutupasu Alexandra says:

    cadoul perfect ar fi . Thankiies Ana, u great 🙂

  60. Anca Popa says:

    My wish for Quickmobile Santa is this gift for my husband

  61. Andreea Lungu says:

    Dear Santa,

    This is what I want this year for Christmas:

    Thanks a lot !

  62. Here’s the perfect Christmas gift, OMG:, I love love love it! De cand imi doream una 🙂

  63. Oana Veliciu says:

    Santa baby,
    this is what I want from you :


  64. steliana says:

    Tare mi-as dori de la Mos Craciun sa imi aduca acest smart watch

  65. luciana says:

    Fitbit sau Mykronoz smartwatch 🙂

  66. Radu Mihaela-Camelia says:

    Hihi sper sa fiu norocoasa,mai ales ca se apropie ziua mea! Sarbatori fericite,Ana! Si sa continui sa scrii pe acest blog minunat!

  67. Marilena says: – am fost cuminte, draga Mosule, de aceea sper sa ma surprinzi cu acest cadou!

  68. Catalina Ion says:

    This bundle of joy > SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR SMARTWATCH V700 < will make the perfect Christmas present!

    Magical Christmas, countess!

  69. Cipri says:

    Because I’ve been a good boy this year, I would like Santa to bring me

  70. De mare ajutor in sala de fitness…

  71. Ramona Girboni says:

    As my resolution for the New Year is to lose weight, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, to get fit, I think this gadget would be the ideal gift for me:
    So, Dear Santa, please help me to achive my goal! <3
    Thank you, Ana! Have a wonderful Christmas and may all your wishes come true! Hugs!

  72. Simona says:

    Ar arata tare bine sub brad un telefon Nokia…alb

  73. Vasile says:

    Mos Craciune, Mos Craciune, am sa-ti fac o rugaciune: acest cadou eu mi-l doresc, iar pe tine te … astept!

  74. Carmen says:

    Mi-ar prinde bine o tableta in daily activities pentru ca vreau sa schimb lumea 🙂


  75. Szabo Reka says:
    As dori ceasul asta Swarovski, pentru ca arata foarte chic si pentru ca este un gagdet indispensabil.
    Szabo Reka

  76. mihaela ioana says:

    dear Santa/Ana/QuickMobile,

    I was a really good person! Thank you 🙂

  77. marie simone says:

    glam smartwatch! Love it!

    thank youuuuuuuuuuu!

  78. rodica says:

    un telefon nou nout ;))))))

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