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Ana MorodanI am wearing an H&M trench, Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes thigh high boots and an YSL bag – available at Victoria 46

© Lightaholic – shoot with Canon Eos 100 D – the smallest dslr in the world



Remember I told you I am the “fashionista” (that time when I put my head over Cristine Centenera’s) for the Colgate campaign? And also that you can win a 2000 Euro wardrobe if you enter the application?

Well, here comes more, I have included some styling tips & tricks in my part of the application so let me know what you think about them. My clothing and accessory picks are relevant for my personal style – which is a feminine and chic one anyways #theatricallybragginglikeanidiot – so forgive the lack of objectivity.

Now, besides the 2000 Euro wardrobe, we have some other mini surprises for you – 10 sets of Colgate Max White One.

Just enter the Colgate application and discover which style you are and then come back here and tell me in a comment which one it is and if it really fits with your true style.

You have time until the 6th of December.


So, what do you think? I am a fashionista or not?



The winners are:

  • Raluca
  • Skinny Mary
  • Ginger Girl
  • Soos Cristina
  • Catalina Stoian
  • Ioana
  • Delia
  • Love for Fashion
  • Beatrice
  • Laura


Congratulations ladies!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anette de Morodanette

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  1. raluca says:

    you are the wonder fashionista! 🙂 according to colgate contest I have the most creative style represented by Irina Markovits and it is a flattering one for me, but taking into account that we had few options (as Rachel Zoe always says “We need more options!!” :)) ) from which to choose I say that it suits me very well. Simple yet with an edge and stylish.

  2. Skinny Mary says:

    wow!!!! i love that trench on you!!!

  3. fiona hey says:

    I am the creative according to this application, so also irina for meee 🙂 now let me win this God!

  4. Delia says:

    eu sunt o fashionista pana in dinti se pare (de parca eu nu stiam :)) so you are my lucky charm let’s hope Ana!

  5. Ginger Girl says:

    you are so stylish i want to dieeeeee // just kidding, i want to live and learn from you!

  6. Love For Fashion says:

    ador geanta ta! si eu sunt tot fashionista la colgate

  7. beatrice says:

    did i say that i love you collection with smiling shoes? i love it, especially these boots! i am the party girl @ colgate, and i quite am, cause now is the time !

  8. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    urban princess YES I AM

  9. Soos Cristina says:

    You are the ultimate fashionista !!!!
    Sexy thigh high boots & trench … and I imagine u with nothig under … miauuuuuuuuuu <3
    Just in time for "Mos Nicolae" i'm a "smart casual superstar" 🙂

    Pupici Morodanette :*:*

  10. Laura says:

    You are, you are!
    But the test told me I am the Party Girl… Is it bad? :))

    Hugs dear!

  11. Catalina Stoian says:

    Felicitări! Eşti preponderent Fashionista, mereu cu zâmbetul pe buze:)

    Da, chiar asa sunt, cu zambetul pe buze si tinute gandite bine si atent. Ma bur sa am acces la informatiile oferite de tine, t care esti Cea mai Fashionista dintre toate!

    XOXO Catalina

  12. Lux says:

    Hmm se pare că sunt 50% fashionista, 50% smart casual! Fashionistă, dependentă de modă, care apreciază hainele confortabile.

    M-au ghicit chiar foarte bine oamenii.

  13. Ioana says:

    Yes, you are! Iar despre mine Colgate spune ca am cel mai creativ stil. Nu cred ca este inca asa, dar lucrez la asta, and your tips are much appreciated! 😉

  14. Laura says:

    Multumesc frumos!

    I am very happy! And you made me that way!
    Hugs dear!

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