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23 August 2010 / By / 31 Comments

Zara shoes, DIY pants, Vila blouse, vintage jewelry and YES the obsessive hat:))
Photos by Cornelia Gaie




I’ve told you many times about Cornelia, photography is her passion so obviously that she takes most of my outfit posts.

There is one problem though…she is my friend also and we both have busy schedules and we cannot sync daily, that’s why when we finally get together we spend our time talking about what’s new in our lives and somehow forget that we have to take pics.

Before we know it it’s late and we have only 20 minutes left, so the madness begins: we rush down the stairs, stop right in front of my building and try to shoot from different angles. Ohhh complete madness :).


P.S. to all of you who left me comments thank you so much and I promise I’ll get back to you soon:) now I have to run and be a responsible/ mature human being (bleahhhh)

P.S. nr. 2 I promise I’ll “lose” the hat 😉 but I love it so so much:))

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  1. Irina says:

    The blouse is adorable. Your outfits are always loveeeeeee < 3
    kiss kiss
    have a nice day!

  2. Talia says:

    these high socks are gorgeous! They look like high boots for the winter. Amazing.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love your outfits! :] & I love your hat ;]

  4. Venn says:

    lovinggg ur hatt!! :DD


  5. Oana Roxana says:

    Ana,iti sta bine cu ochelari de soare. Am crezut ca bluza e tot creatie proprie. Nu m-ar fi mirat. 😀 Reusita tinuta.

  6. Anthea says:

    You look really good in your hat so don’t lose it!

    Embracing Style

  7. Andrejka says:

    Perfect outfit and your hat si cute! Do not throw it away! 😉


  8. lovely! i like the idea of long socks!

  9. Chaucee says:

    Why would you loose the hat? It’s great! And I love the high socks. It’s a beautiful place where you chose to take pictures.

  10. Fleur-de-Lis says:

    hello darling* I really love your posts and Cornelia’s photos 🙂 You look very cute in the outfit and i don’t know why you would leace the hat 😉 It’s a perfect match with you**

  11. Mary says:

    Lovvee this look!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  12. You always work cut offs so well, Ana!

  13. michelle_ says:

    im in love with ur striped shirt ana ! the hat is a nice final touch on the outfit !

    glistersandblisters dot com

  14. youniform says:

    I like the outifit…. it’s fresh and I like the effect the long socks make on your legs with high heels…
    well done again!

  15. Martwa Marta says:

    amazing outfit – it would by simple but for the socks, which totally rock!

  16. Eszter says:

    I’m in love with this blouse, I want one pronto!

  17. Fia says:

    You make cutoffs so chic.

  18. Jasmin says:

    Lovely striped top!

  19. That top is amazing – I love the ruffled shoulders.

  20. Marla Singer says:

    no need to lose the hat! i love it!! ;D
    oh and i love to wear black over knees with black wedges to elongate legs and love your version with the stripes blouse, too! =D

  21. Ramona J. says:

    gasesti un premiu virtual pe blogul meu

  22. Annelie says:

    Love that outfit!!!!

  23. purple says:

    no,don’t lose the hat:)))it’s the IT factor along side with the t-shirt….i see i had to catch up with you,been gone for over a month & came back to be wowed..your Snobbish Breakfast is TO DIE FOR!!!seriously,are they available somewhere;??….also btw i probably should keep my mouth shut for i don’t know how old are you & that maybe you’ll be upset on me for telling you that…but you dress so fresh it makes you look like a teenager:)))love the cool vibe in your looks,& your oscillations between casual,masculine,feminine;D

  24. absolutely gorgeous blog! you are an inspiration! and you can keep the hat ;)!

  25. beingdena says:

    love the overknee socks. amazing x

  26. I don’t think you should lose the hat at all! It’s a great hat, and you look great as always. Lucky girl, having a photographer!

  27. Sally says:

    You’re just so adorable. Love the necklace!


  28. fas says:

    love the stripe

  29. Dip-tea says:

    You look so chic! The strong shoulders of the top, the cheeky shorts and my oh my the awesome boots, you look delicious. Please keep being obsessive about your hat, it looks great on you.


  30. Anonymous says:

    Cool site, I hadn’t noticed earlier during my searches!
    Keep up the great work!

  31. Anna Pope says:

    Doo’t loose the hat, it’s gorgeous!

    I love this look. Simple, chic and cute 🙂

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