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smiling morodan


the queen of all the long dresses





ana and the chickens

aneta morodadnetta

golden crown

red-dress-and-ana2Cristina Savulescu dress & KateriniMou headband

© Serban Cristea



Everyone, welcome to my kingdom! It is time for you to meet my entourage. They are pretty numerous and sometimes have an attitude but that is exactly the point – my loyal cavalcade must have a strong  personality!


In life there are a few moments that must not be forgotten. Well, this for sure was one of them. I wish you could see the people on the sides trying to keep the chicken in the picture perimeter. I wish you could see how I tied my bra or how I was trying to be serious when all I wanted to do was laugh, freeze or argue with the chickens #nobodylistenedanyways


Until the second I said to myself that this is a memorable moment and I should change the perspective I see it from. You know, like in our everyday routine, everything is about perspective so let’s focus on the creative thinking, shall we?

Here’s a different point of view – first of all, I’m wearing a long dress #myfavoriteitemofalltimes, a red long dress, an amazing KateriniMou headband that I totally adore, I’m surrounded by little creatures which gravitate around me – therefore, I must be a queen, right?

And then I realized…it takes everything to be a queen, sometimes a bad fitted bra, enduring freezing cold or facing little unobedient cavalcade but there’s only one queen in a kingdom!

See? Easy peasy. The next time you’re having a mixed up day try looking at things from a different positive perspective #smile



Thank you Aunt Doina! #iloveyou

Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. bianca says:

    Oh honey you look so chic, I love all the photos! xoxo

  2. Diana says:

    eu te-am banuit de ashe` ceva 🙂

  3. Teo says:

    Unde draci te pozasi, faptura? (imi place cum se vede sutienul <3)

  4. elegantina says:

    O poezie superba scrisa de Umberto Saba in care isi glorifica sotia comparand-o cu femelele diverselor animale. Astfel, spune despre ea ca este ca o gaina alba careia vantul ii rascoleste penajul si care paseste cu pasul lent si mandru al unei regine.
    Asa ca, desi ai urmarit un usor efect parodisiac, de fapt, curtenele tale sunt la fel de nobile. 🙂

  5. Ilinca says:

    nu ma satur draga mea sa te vad imbracata in rosu 🙂

  6. zizi girl says:

    ahhhh, loving the drama! nice metaphor! I will use it at need 😉

  7. Femmes Formidables says:

    cata nevoie aveam nevoie sa aud asta, ziua asta a inceput pe dos, si totul parea…gresit. dar chiar asa, trebuie sa ne aducem aminte ca modul cum privim lucrurile, cum ne pozitionam fata de ceilalti, este de fapt realitatea! cool!

  8. P.J. says:

    adorrrrre the head piece!!!

  9. Yasmina says:

    your creativity is so so unexpected, and smart, and funny 🙂 love it!


    WOW! what a dress! you look amazing Ana!

  11. High Heels says:

    high standards, high wisdom, high style, you have everything!

  12. A Modern Girl says:


  13. Delia says:

    Doamne ! eu am fobie de pasari, asa ca gainile…bine ca sunt in poza :))) dar tu esti splendida, pur si simplu divina!

  14. Passion for Style says:

    gorgeous creature! trully a queen!

  15. popescu ionescu suzana says:

    Ana Morodan, m-ai dat pe spate! cateodata vorbesti exact despre lucrurile de care am nevoie, parca citesti gandurile!

  16. Ofelia Danea says:

    foarte originala, si frumoasa, ca de obicei :)))

  17. Happy says:

    always right countess <3

  18. XENIA the Chic says:

    you are doing a great job being a queen! LOVE YOU

  19. joana sim says: i wish i had your boobs 🙂

  20. shyn says:

    omg, i love the red, that dress is bloody special 🙂

  21. ioana says:

    imi incep fiecare zi cu blogul asta, multumesc ana pentru inspiratie !

  22. georgiana savu says:

    tiara este fantastica, insa rochia asta ..rosul ala.. tu :)wooow, you are the queen of style !

  23. teo says:

    unde se poate gasi rochita ?

  24. hasmic says:

    amazing set. i hope no animal was harmed (or turned into lunch after the shoot 🙂 )

  25. ilona says:

    is there anywhere we can order that dress ?..and those boobs? 😛

  26. Aunt Doina says:

    You look wonderful both on computer monitor and in real life, we love you very much.
    Be always as you are.
    You kingdom and your loyal cavalcade is here expecting for you to return.

  27. Fashion Now says:

    “I’m wearing a long dress, a red long dress, an amazing KateriniMou headband that I totally adore, I’m surrounded by little creatures which gravitate around me – therefore, I must be a queen, right?” :))))))) your logic is undeniable! you are the funniest queen dear!

  28. joi pana joi vioi says:

    Da, asa este! Smile!

  29. sanziana dragnea says:

    de cand te-am descoperit Ana, am inceput sa dezvolt o pasiune pentru rochiile lungi!

  30. We Have Style says:

    you r extremely stylish, feminine and empowering!

  31. Teodosie Lucica says:

    pacat ca nu e o poza si cu matusa ta 🙂 pare foarte simpatica

  32. Marta Pompilian says:

    te ador in rosu, e culoarea ta Ana!

  33. Ginger Girl says:

    yummy! nice look, i quite like Katerini Mou!

  34. July says:

    of, ce bine ar fi daca as putea sa schimb asa de usor perspectiva…

  35. Fusta Bunicii says:

    hihi 🙂 pare ca a fost chiar distractiv la sedinta ta foto de azi! chiar imi place ideea

  36. Ana, you make me proud to be Romanian ! Congrats for all the brilliant work you provide your readers with and I wish you unlimited creativity to continue mesmerizing us with your genius and glam content !

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    Thank you !
    best wishes,
    Sara Constance

  37. Queen Ana! Let me start by saying you make me very proud to be Romanian! I enjoy travelling in time and surreal dimensions through your blog, day-dreaming about being a fearless countess like yourself. I wish you unlimited creativity and countless ideas to keep you posting brilliant and glamorous inspiring stories!

    And because I know you are the Queen of Creativity, I invite you to participate in the latest contest on my blog. You can read more about it here –>

    best wishes,
    Sara Constance

  38. Sevgi says:


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