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There are two prejudices regarding hats in our society, first is that hats are an accessory that should be only worn to the special or festive events only, the second is related to age. I’m sure you have heard many times that you can wear hats only if you have a certain age.

Well, in the mean time our society evolved and so should we. Stepping out of these patterns being an essential condition. Why can’t I wear hats in a Tuesday afternoon when I’m going just to that bistro right across my building to have lunch with my friend? Or when I go to the grocery market? I should be afraid that if I’m only 27 years old and not 40 and people will raise their eyebrow? That sort of thinking should defraud me of wearing hats? Aaaa, no!

Since my love for hats is already transparent on the blog, being invited to have a tea with Kristina Dragomir at her showroom was a real honor.

Have you experienced that rare moments in life when you enter a place and meet a certain type of person that leaves you breathless? Well, Kristina Dragomir and her showroom made that kind of impression on me. You know I never take words for granted, so if they are “inspiring”, “amazing” or “breathtaking” there is always true meaning behind them.

Just look down!


Well, since I don’t have a husband who died so that I can look like the Black Widow, I’m gonna wear this hat on a daily basis. I absolutely adore it, of course it not have to be worn that crossed on the face, I did it only because it makes me look more dramatic (yes, yes, I love drama!)




Kristina is an artist, again, you may think that I take advantage of the word. No, she is a real artist, with a degree from Arts School and all. Her journey until finding her true vocation was full of adventures, of searches and of constant hard working.

The complex manufacture procedure of her hats, the fact that she searches the globe for the materials she use and her constant adaptation to the society evolution by inventing different ways to wear the same hat, makes her creations amazing and unique. But the most important thing I learned from Kristina is that thinking out of the box and never giving up along with working your brains of eventually will do the job. Oh, and that real passion is the fuel without she could not have succeeded. She has teary eyes when she speaks about her hats, about how complex is everything in their manufacture and that is true dedication!

Kristina Dragomir is also the official hat supplier for the Romanian Royal Family.

Why to love hats:

  • because they give you that mysterious vibe every woman should have
  • because they give you confidence and will make you feel special
  • because we are women and we should love looking feminine (feminine doesn’t mean weak!)

She has a private reveal this evening at her showroom.
Her new collection is called The Flourist and with it Kristina is trying to teach us that hats should be a natural extension of a woman personality not a simple accessory.


The Florist, noua colectie de palarii a Kristinei Dragomir, este o
poveste frumoasa de primavara-vara spusa in 15 scene. O metafora in
alb-negru a unui sezon altminteri plin de culoare.

Asa cum The Artist a reusit sa transmita atata emotie intr-un limbaj
cinematografic primar, fara vorbe si culoare, The Florist este
echivalentul acestui discurs artistic, pe cat de complex, pe atat de
conceptualizat, exprimat printr-o lucratura maiastra a atelierului

Colectia e de fapt o gradina cu flori concepute din matase naturala.
“O florarie” de fantezii si vise.

Antiteza dintre simplitatea numelui colectiei si spectaculozitatea
executiilor reflecta intocmai cromatica alb-negru pusa fata in fata cu
limbajul creativ sofisticat.

Abordarea colectiei The Florist se incadreaza in acelasi concept de
design practicat de Kristina Dragomir, Heads not hats, care transforma
palaria intr-o extensie fireasca a personalitatii femeii, depasind
conditia de accesoriu. Totul este “construit” in jurul femeii si
pentru femeia careia ii este destinata palaria, armonizand cu spiritul
si fizicul acesteia intr-un rezultat finit unic.


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  1. Bo3mia says:

    Kristina Dragomir’s work is trully exquisite!
    Oh, I love hats so much, but I also get that certain social things around hats. But they are way to beautiful and bring that certain something to one’s style!

  2. Wow how fun!! 😀 She is so talented! And I love the way the hats are displayed! 😀

  3. HOLY COW!
    Those hats are FANTASTIC!!!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  4. sophie says:

    wow! so amazing creations!
    really love them all!

  5. Biju.Brill says:

    That showroom is a true piece of art, and the hats speak for themselves! I’ve known her hats for a while now and I think they are simply stunning. They look like sculptures in a modern art museum !
    And you Ana, where is your cigarette and the bichon please? 🙂

  6. Sing says:

    Awesome post. You know I’d love to try on some of those.

  7. Emanuel I. says:

    Sunt absolut superbe…
    Kristina Dragomir e de departe cel mai bun palarier din RO.

  8. amaaaaaziiiing!!!!!!!

  9. so wonderful

  10. so wonderful

  11. Lady G says:


    I actually come from a family that is heavy into hats…(they are church going folks from the south…not that there’s anything wrong with that lol). They would absolutely LOVE these.

    Lady G of Lady G’s Closet

  12. florarie says:

    Superba colectia. Intr-adevar motivele florale par a fi tot timpul la moda! Felicitari.

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