The Greatest Carol for a Wonderful Cause

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7 December 2014 / By / 13 Comments


Ana Morodan.comI am wearing an Eva Culture dress and necklace

Photo by Mihai Dina


I am not a big fan of Winter/Christmas and all. I have arguments, you know, cutting thousands of trees and then throwing them to the garbage just for a 2 weeks tradition makes me a little meah.

However, I am fond and touched by the fact that in this time of the year, people start thinking about being kind and about helping others in need. This is the reason why little by little I am getting fond on this holiday. Because when people help people miracles happen. And when brands support people, I am there to support those brands. Because these kind of initiatives are worth speaking about. And the brands who support them deserve our recognition.

ING Bank thought at a wonderful social initiative this year. They want to surprise the children from the `Children in Difficulty`Foundation by buying each of them new boots this Christmas.

Yes, for each carol video we upload ING buys a pair of boots for one child. At the end of the campaign we will all be able to see ourselves in the biggest carol ever made, a video with all of us. But this is less important, what`s really awesome is that by taking a minute of our time we can make a child really happy.


I know we share the same values so please help us make this happen. Take a minute of your time, it will mean a lot to a little one.


And here`s me, looking like a red ant, completely frozen and completely mumbling (I must admit, this was not an easy task because I always thought of my singing voice to resemble a cricket who just got a flu) and yes, for the first time, I WAS NERVOUS AND WALLOWED WITH EMOTIONS ON CAMERA










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  1. ligia says:

    great innitiative!!!! bravooooo!

  2. lena says:

    cool red ant! 🙂

  3. Cristina says:

    foarte frumos! O le arat si prietenilor mei!

  4. ana moise says:

    foarte frumos!

  5. rebeca dragu says:

    ar fi super daca am face fapte bune tot anul, dar cred ca si luna asta in care ne implicam poate schimba ceva!

  6. Pamela says:

    You are a lovely person!

  7. stefi says:

    sper sa strangem cat mai multe perechi!!!

  8. Edna says:

    Morodan singing on the internet!! 🙂 ! it’s a great cause, congrats!

  9. Ioana says:

    yep, video coming soon!
    you are adorable :)) a little bit afona, dar definitely adorable. <3

  10. irina says:

    o initiativa minunata!

  11. Ingrid says:

    imi place mult ca nu esti artificiala pe video! Felicitari pentru…well….normalitate!

  12. RoxxY says:

    love the red coat

  13. dana stroe says:

    ce frumos! Eu am inregistrat deja 🙂

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