The Days The World Stood Still

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19 October 2015 / By / 20 Comments


Ana Morodan 14




It happened almost a week ago when Tudy called me:


– Morodan, you haven`t forgot have you?


– About what? What? What? Oh my God, I`m dying here. Did we have something to do? With you, too? God, tell me man, what is it? I can`t rememberrr. 4b



– About our long weekend at the Jidvei vineyards and castle. The instameet, Moroadan. The INSTAMEET organized by #instagramology with A.D.A.R (Asociatia Degustatorilor Autorizati Romania) and Jidvei. He said rolling his eyes, thinking I`m a complete idiot.


 – Ohhh man, I`ve declined a dozen of vineyard visiting invitations this Autumn because of busy schedule, why do I have to go to this one? Besides, on Saturday I have to film for the new episode of the RedesignYourSelf reality show. 


– I`re an idiot. Come after you finish filming. You`ll love it. It`s only a 6 hour drive away. #whattttt?! And you promised!



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Damn it! Fine…Why did I promise…!?


So last Saturday, after we finished filming at BSC, I got in my car, turned on Waze and started driving. After almost 7 hours, dressed like in the picture below, I was opening a huge door to enter the Jidvei castle`s backyard. 



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Photos by Mihail Onaca




What followed was meant to remain in my mind like the days when the world stopped for a few moments because:



  •  the people I`ve met – my other instameet buddies and the Jidvei castle staff  – not only they left me with a powerful impression with their good vibes and interesting characters but they proved me that common sense is not dead. And they filled me with so much positive vibes that I can`t wait to see them again.  (Hi Georgescu, Comoara, Mihut, Mihuta, Marian and everyone)9b 


  • I visited the biggest vineyard in Romania, the whole Jidvei domain and my temporary home was in a castle. They`ve got me with this one. #instantobsession



  • Although I knew that Jidvei is the biggest wine producer in Romania, I never knew that the owners did a lot of improvements around the Alba area. Starting with taking care that their over 900 employees get free bread everyday besides their income. And among many others they updated their community by renovating kindergartens, high schools and roads. These kind of actions deserve our admiration and respect. And a wine toast 5b




Ana Morodan 24



Here are the finest Jidvei moments



Ana Morodan 22

Photos by Catalin Georgescu 

Ana Morodan 11

Photo by Lavinia Cernau

Ana Morodan 18

Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset

Photos by Mihail Onaca

Ana Morodan 23

Ana Morodan 12m

Photo by Lavinia Cernau

Ana Morodan 15

Ana Morodan 16

Ana Morodan 8

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 Photos by Mihail Onaca

Ana Morodan 28

Ana Morodan 10

Photos by Lavinia Cernau

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Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset

 Photos and video by Mihail Onaca

Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

Photos by Lavinia Cernau

Ana Morodan 21

Ana Morodan 26

 Photos by Catalin Georgescu

Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

 Photos by Mihail Onaca

Ana Morodan 19

Photo by Vlad Tet 

Ana Morodan 17

Ana Morodan 9

Photo by Lavinia Cernau

Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

Photo by Mihail Onaca

Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

 Photo by Vlad Berte

Ana Morodan 13

Photo by Lavinia Cernau




Dear everyone I`ve met during my stay at Jidvei,


It has been an honor and real pleasure. You`ve left a significant mark into my mind. I`ll remember these days for a long, long time. 


To my At Your Service butler Tudy, thank you for dragging me, for threatening me with your resignation, all in all, for sticking and pushing me to come to this place. It`s been memorable. 6b







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  1. Edna says:

    amazing photos, absolutely amazing

  2. larisa toma says:

    castelul e superb intr-adevar si cred ca a fost un crowd cu totul deosebit acolo.

    PS: rochia galben e perfecta

  3. vivi says:

    you met some amazing photographers there, I can see. great job, congrats everyone

  4. Manuela says:

    buna, ma bucur sa vad si sa aud ca este promovat Jidvei-ul (parintii mei inca locuiesc acolo). Castelul pe care l-ai vizitat, si care e o minune e in Cetatea de Balta. Exista inca un astfel de castel, la Sanmiclaus , din pacate lasat in paragina , in care am locuit eu insami pana la 14 ani.

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Manuela, ce frumos 🙂 You lived in a castle <3 Este cam trist ca astfel de locuri raman in paragina. Sper caa la un moment dat sa faca cineva ceva. Sau chiar eu. Am eu un plan. 🙂

  5. Andreea Z. says:

    Cateva zile intr-un castel, wow! Locul arata splendid

  6. denise says:

    some of these photos are absolutely amazing

  7. Natalia says:

    E de a dreptul admirabil ce au facut cei de la Jidvei in zona, pacat ca sunt putine astfel de initiative

  8. Edna says:

    A duck, a goose and a horse in the same day. What’s next? :)))

  9. Lavinia Marin says:

    Fotografia din usa e pur si simplu perfecta

  10. fota iuliana says:

    habar n am avut ca Jidvei a dezvoltat atat de mult comunitatea, jos palaria

  11. Georgeta says:

    Baia e de vis ❤️

  12. XoXo_Lilly says:

    Indeed the world stays still in an amazing place as this one. I would love to visit sometime

  13. nicoleta says:

    unul din articolele mele preferate din ultima vreme, fotografiile sunt foarte frumoase si tinutele la fel

  14. Paula Maria says:

    Modern Xena on that horse, in the most lavishing dress

  15. roxana tatu says:

    fotografiile sunt perfecte, nici nu stiu care-mi place mai mult. si ma bucur ca am aflat aceste lucruri frumoase despre Jidvei, bravo lor pentru ce au facut pentru comunitate

  16. Andreea Ovidiu says:

    Gascaaa e magnifica :)))))

  17. radulescu ioana says:

    un loc minunat, ma bucur ca ti-a placut. te mai asteptam in zona noastra de poveste 😉

  18. Andreea Anghel says:

    ma tot uit pe aceste fotografii de cateva zile si nu ma mai satur de ele. sunt minunate, iar locul pare de basm

  19. Laura says:

    The slo mo is epic! I am still laughing 🙂 I hope that was the intention hahaha

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