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21 October 2014 / By / 25 Comments

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress and an AEP neklacee

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



Dear all, since you know me for a while now, I consider it only normal to make you an acquaintance with my family. You know, so that you can relate better with my essence.

The Lady Cows remained impassible to my figuri. They were already bored with all this Political crap around here. Carefully, they admonished me to drink green wheat juice every morning, to be careful with whom I vote this year, to stop being so stressed, to take a step back and relax and to read  what Andrei Plesu said in his last article. They also brought to my attention that Oscar de la Renta passed away this morning, which is deeply sad because I am such an avid adorer of his dresses. You must admit, it is pretty informed, this family of mine…








Moving on with today`s topic from The Business of Being Ana Morodan – another detail that I think makes me unique – so they say – is that no matter what happens or what people say, I never loose focus from my objectives and path.

It took me a while until I`ve developed this skill but once that I was sure I am stable as a rock nothing could put me down. And that my friends, is one important part of my essence. Make sure you develop it too. It will make you a winner. I can bet you on that!








Anetta von Cowetta


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  1. High Heels says:

    awesome dress! were you wearing heels? :))

  2. anita_lovely says:

    great advice today! losing focus is one of my flaws…i’m still working on that steady as a rock attitude

  3. margareta says:

    superba rochia! doamne, nu-mi vine sa cred ca incercai sa te urci pe o vaca imensaaaaa! as fi murit de frica :))

  4. Lioara says:

    mda, cu cine sa votam. asta e un topic nu tocmai fashionable, dar extrem de important

  5. Soos Cristina says:

    Salutam si noi familia

  6. Soos Cristina says:

    Rip Oscar de la Renta !
    Soo …noi cu cine votam ? :))
    Rochita e divina ! O ador !
    Kiss & Love :* <3

  7. Maia says:

    Splendida rochia!

  8. Lavinia says:

    Your family is indeed very wise 🙂

  9. aurelia says:

    RIP oscar de la renta! such a special designer

  10. IlonaStana says:

    cum reusesti sa nu ti pierzi concentrarea? mereu i-am apreciat pe oamenii puternici, care reusesc sa stea cu ochii pe tinta non stop si sa nu lase nimic sa-i abata de la drumul lor

  11. IceQUeen says:

    love today ‘s post! the dress is really nice, the advice is what i needed and since nobody knows me here…i’m afraid of cows! so chapeau to you, ana! :))

  12. amira stanescu says:

    good question, noi cu cine votam? ca stim cu totii cu cine NU votam…

    nu-ti vine sa emigrezi uneori?

  13. dana maria says:

    nu,, nu te-ai urcat pe o vaca imensa! te-ai urcat? :))

    the nutty countess :))

  14. Alexandra Ana says:

    chiar ca sunt impasibile 🙂

  15. Patri says:

    green wheat juice…sound yummy 🙂
    enjoy the last sunny days!

  16. Cristea Alina says:

    o noua interpretare a little black dress. imi place mult 🙂

  17. posh spice says:

    love the attitude in that last pic! go, girl!

  18. Katrinel says:

    keeping a good eye on your path, that is the key to success! congrats, darling!

  19. monica silvestru says:

    so, cu cine votam? din pacate niciunul nu ma convinge 🙁

  20. andreea ruxx says:

    familia pare fara de griji, ceea ce ne doresc si noua 🙂

  21. trixie_star says:

    you are definetly one of the funniest bloggers i’m following! photoshoot with cows, who would have thought?! 🙂

  22. Carolina says:

    Clara Rotescu ma suprinde din ce in ce mai mult si mai placut! trebuie sa ajung la magazinul ei!

  23. anca matei says:

    problema votului e foarte importanta, sper sa nu avem inca 10 ani de care sa ne para rau

  24. Simona says:

    great dress! cred ca arata superb si in varianta lunga, nu?

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