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16 January 2014 / By / 15 Comments

Clubul de carte al Anei - seria a doua




At the generous public demand (thank you guys for loving this project) it has finally arrived, the time for another episode of my Book Club.

Thinking about the first edition and how  fulfilling that experience was, of all the things we discussed about, I must confess that I’m pretty anxious about this new meeting.

We’ll have yummy delicatessen and drinks (gin tonics included I hope), moments of fun and free talks about anything and everything. Also, just like the in Parisian Saloons, when the aristocrats met for a book club they usually needed a book to be named for reading a month ahead, so I figured out we need  to do the same.

This month’s book choice is not a comfortable one at first sight, you might even say unusual but when you open it and start reading its pages you discover that common sense and healthy values come with  the same package. You must understand my subjectivity, I somehow identify myself with this description so this month I say we read Cimitirul” by Adrian Telespan. Probably this is the most talked about book in this country at the moment and a best seller on Carturesti’s list. Although you’ll read it easily, this is not an easy book , I have some personal highlights that I can’t wait to talk to you about.


Therefore, as you know, you have to send an email at and let me know that you are coming. The date/place and time will be announced the next weeks. As a focus point, this book club will be around the 16th of February.

Also, you must keep in mind that this meeting is free of any costs from your side so everyone who wants to attend is my guest and a dear friend.

I cannnn’tttt waiiiittt. Literally!



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  1. Ralucuta says:

    m-a fermecat entuziasmul si referirea la acea minunata perioada, incurajez cu drag initiativa ta <3

  2. zina says:

    foarte frumos, am citit-o si chiar este o carte buna, cititi-o fetelor!
    p.s. Doamne ajuta-ma, tu arati sofisticat si cand citesti! :)))

  3. Passion for Fashion says:

    looking gorgeous and smart Ana! everything a lady needs!

  4. xenia cutun says:

    hi dear! sounds pretty great! loving the boots!

  5. Laura in Style says:

    spreading the word already, i find this the best event idea in along time 🙂 see you there 🙂

  6. Delia says:

    acum chiar ca trebuie sa o citesc, nu mai am nici o scapare :)))) very nice look btw

  7. irina voinea says:

    foarte cool, vreau si eu! azi ma imbrac in gri cu accesorii aurii, oare cine m-a inspirat? cine?? 🙂

  8. Yummy Fashion says:

    your style is just yummy!

  9. Georgette says:

    WOW your boots are a killer!

  10. Fete Fine says:

    o activitate deosebit de fina! vin!

  11. Adriene Grandson says:

    weel, i cannot make it (cause i live in another country duuuh :)))) but i am still your biggest admirer your style is the perfect style teacher to my daily outfits

  12. teodora says:

    era si timpul pentru asa un club, felicitari pentru ideea geniala, si pentru lookul cool si feminin pe care il ador!

  13. Eugene Marie says:

    cat elan! imi place conceptul, asa ca ma simt foarte tentata 🙂

  14. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    a chic lady has to read, it is a must! bravo!

  15. helena christensen says:

    you are beautiful

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