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15 December 2016 / By / 10 Comments

As Noemi said, when one of our all time beloved brands since forever sends you a love letter and wants you to talk about them, it kinda makes your day.

Some of my most memorable tea moments are related to Twinings. I remember the first time I tasted black tea, it was Twinings. I remember when I started drinking green tea frequently, because I discovered that its a great energizer, it was Twinings.  I remember when my father told me that the Twinings family was responsible for the fact that tea became affordable for the masses. And most of all, I remember my grandmother’s tea invitations. A squad of old ladies and a little girl growing up among stories from another era, told over jasmine tea by a bunch of chic old ladies. 









M.Marquise dress / Dolce & Gabbana heels 

Photos by Costrut at La Maison 


If you’ve stopped by our M Office you already know that tea is our main drink – when you don’t want gin, of course – we have special tea sets that I dearly treasure (remember my Povestile Domnisoarei Ana tea set?), we have special tea recipients and we have a special tea ceremony that we do every morning (nope, not at 5 pm, by then we’re already hyper and on crack gin). If you haven’t come over for tea yet, make sure to come starting with the middle of January. Our Morodan Shop showroom will be restocked and ready to rumble, and we’ll have all the Twinings tea flavours you could imagine to enjoy while shopping.  


My favourite is English Breakfast. My second favourite is Twinings Pineapple & Grapefruit Green Tea. Oh, and Noemi has some very interesting history lessons about how Twinings did its part to make the world a much more better place. 


This is the brand who was cool in the past, who is cool now and who will be cool in the future. No matter whether you are a baby boomer, a millennial, a Z or an Alpha. This brand develops a sympathy which travels through time. Just like the many memories we’ve so often created while enjoying a cup of tea. 


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  1. Lavyy says:

    I’m a coffee kind of girl 😀

  2. Madi says:

    Imi plac siragurile tale de perle de mor! Oare unde pot gasi si eu asa ceva?

  3. Lalea says:

    Imi amintesti de Miss Peregrine in a treia poza 😀

  4. Amalia Ami says:

    Personal nu ma omor cu ceaiul, dar sotul meu adora Twinnings. Daca si tu spui ca e magic, promit sa ii mai dau o sansa 😉

  5. Alina Trenciu says:

    Sa stii ca in ianuarie iti voi bate la usa pentru un ceai si some shopping 😀

  6. Raluca R says:

    Twinning is just my cup of tea (pun intended) :))

  7. DianaRose says:

    Doamne, cat de frumoasa esti in rochia asta!

  8. Carlaa says:

    Si eu sunt innebunita cu ceaiul, nu imi pot incepe ziua fara o cana fierbinte, mai ales iarna

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