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4 January 2012 / By / 13 Comments
Topshop skirt, someone’s white, Asos blazer, Marc Jacobs bag, Phillip Lim sunglasses
Ohh, hello, I only have permission to step out of the convent for a few minutes. 
This is me making fun of my outfit . I lay awake at night wondering if you guys get my senseless humor
And noooowww (drums) let’s see a few of last year’s highlights:
I moved to Bucharest and made new friends, despite that crappy hairdo.

Hold some styling tips classes for One to (which will continue this year also).

The outfit that I put together was one of the best three at Sun Plaza’s event.

I was invited to speak at Prime Maraton.

Tabu Magazine featured me on their Fashion column.

Glamour Magazine did an article about High Street Cardigans.

 Snobbish Breakfast in Luxury Magazine

I admitted my addiction for Shopping Report

Snobbish Breakfast became a way of living for Adina and me.

In July we launched our second  lookbook – Snobbish Breakfast – Weekend Activities  
shoot by the amazing Glamography  team. (Cristi and Dan if you’ll ever need a maid you have our phone numbers)

Our dresses were displayed at Carol Parc Hotel, despite that crappy hairdo!

in Venchi’s window the whole summer,

and at Venchi Baneasa too.
Spoke with you about personal style blogging at the radio.

Pe did a feature report about me.

In September you got to see Snobbish Breakfast’s new collection – Women Like Us
shoot by Vali Barbulescu 

By the time autumn was over we already had two Snobbish Breakfast events in Chisinau,

our dresses where worn by the most beautiful ladies,

and  realized that we make a great team.
I began writing for Cockaigne
and Gina loved our dresses.
Finally, we wanted to show you the women who inspired us this year and we took their picture for the last Snobbish Breakfast  lookbook of the year – shoot by the one and only – Lightaholic

and just in time for Christmas we had the last Snobbish Breakfast event this year, in Brasov.

Well, as you can see and as I had already told you ,last year was a roller coaster ride.
I moved in a new city, worked my butt off, learned a lot, moved from one apartment to another and still couldn’t find the one that I love (yes, I’m f*** ed up and picky), made some friends and dined with new enemies.

In the end, all I can say is, if last year was a roller coaster success, well, look up, this year I’ll make sure to double that! (wink! wink? yes, I love hipsters)

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  1. Arielle says:

    Wow, I had no idea you were featured in so many cool places! Glamour magazine? You should be so proud. Your a bad-ass, mam.

  2. HannahAlyse says:

    Your dress line is DIVINE!! I’m so happy you had so much coverage and can’t wait to see what happens this year 🙂

  3. You had such an amazing year!!! I’m jealous, haha 🙂
    And loving your outfit, very classic

  4. You had a crazy good year! I hope this year is ten time as good for you.

  5. Ana says:

    Good luck for more my dear!!! Hope to see you soo again in Chisinau 🙂

  6. kittenhood says:

    will there be more snobbish breakfast events in the country? like, say, in cluj? 🙂

  7. Alina says:

    Loved this post!You really had a wonderful year!

  8. What a whirlwind!!!! It looks like such an AMAZING AMAZING year! Congrats on all your success my love and a great 2012 ahead of you!! xo, kim

  9. congrats to all that success girl! snobbish breakfast is amazing, I hope that one day I ‘ll be a proud owner of one of those amazing dresses!

  10. just claudia says:

    Felicitari pt tot ceea ce faci! esti superba 😀 :*

  11. Supal says:

    ughhh I want a snobbish breakfast dress sooooo bad. You’ve accomplished so much this year, congratulations! Many more great challenges and accomplishments in 2012 will come for sure!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ana, ne-ai tot pacalit cu detoxifierea aia. Suntem dupa sarbatori si ne bazam pe tine 🙂
    Te pup.

  13. wow!!! congrats your are so stylish!
    amazing look, love the blazer…

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