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The Lady DIva Diaries

My chic Photoliu chair

It's chocolate, pff, it makes me go mad

Lip, lip, lip, I am an equilibrim pitic

I have a PHOTOLIU chair, the chic-est decoration ever

Hmmm, pretty interesting stuff

I love my new PHOTOLIU chairLouboutin Mary Jane heels, Zara skirt, vintage necklaces 

Photos by Serban Cristea




My darlings, today I wanna tell you about another kind of love. My love for statement jewelry, castles covered in ivy, decadent dresses, tea parties and decorations. About this last form of love I talked  less with you guys, well, except the times when I showed you my home from Arad and different ones from Bucharest.

Guess what? Serban and I need a bigger apartment. This one was only for testing our relationship and it kinda did it’s job, we passed it successfully (tadaaaa) so we need a bigger one. Because we are a great team and we always divide our chores, in this finding the new apartment issue, he got the actual find the new apartment chore and I have to take care of the redecoration process – I danced on the table for a week only when I heard that I could redecorate.

First of all, I started with some new chairs. And yes, I want each one to be different. Sure, I bought an Eames but my true love are still the elegant, 19th century inspired ones. That’s when I found– a Romanian personalized furniture brand that made my day.

Photoliu makes bespoke furniture by updating classical pieces with beautiful patterns, -any kind,  geometric or floral,  you name it!
Plenty of blissfully colorful upholstery options to choose from. And it’s easy too, just enter their site, pick the frame, the color of the woodwork, then the upholstery onto which you can print anything. Lastly, the fine details that made your chair a high quality one. I loved the fact that the Photoliu team is extremely careful when it comes to these last finishing details.
You can bring them any print you find and love and they can make it a reality. Look at mine, it’s exactly like in the picture I brought to them. By the way, this print I used it will be available starting tomorrow on their shop and by the way, the prices are extremely friendly.
I am already thinking about my next print. So tell me, did you know about this brand and their amazing decoration solutions?
Ahh, you can check their Pinterest page for great decoration inspo. .



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Ana, the decoration countess

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  1. Lavinia says:

    Marvelous ! :* i m really happy for you guys! the site is spectacular! kisses :* :*

  2. Alina says:

    Congratulations! For the next step, for your happiness and for these amazing pictures!

  3. Magda says:

    There’s no one like you Ana! The chair look awesome <3

  4. Fashion Statement says:

    I am on their site right now. You can make so many combinations! Love it!

  5. Andra says:

    I am also redecorating Ana! Great tip. You are so chic like always <3

  6. Iuliana says:

    jesus you`re awesome!!!

  7. Zadin says:

    Frumos scaun. Îmi place foarte mult mozaicul de pe podea.

    Succes cu redecorarea, poate ne arăţi şi nouă fracţiuni din rezultatul final.

  8. Cristina Soos says:

    <3<3<3 ma bucur nespus de mult pt voi draga mea <3 bafta multa in gasirea unui nou ap pe placul vostru 🙂
    Sunt convinsa k o sa ne uimesti cu decorul 😉
    pupiciiii :*

  9. Emanuel I. says:

    Iar incepi cu d-astea?
    Super… fotoliu.

  10. my dear, with your lovely spirit any place can become a castle! did I tell you you are awesome? 😀

  11. Dana says:

    Ana, abia astept sa vad rezultatul final. Uite asa, posturile tale ma fac sa imi re-re-re decorez casa. Nici eu nu mai stiu cati de “re”. Succes!

  12. miruna says:

    oh my drear, that necklace loook stunning! so do you!

  13. style and style says:

    Ana, you are a true diva! DIVA!

  14. adadasas says:

    I noticed red sandals and maybe go with red pants :

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