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Ana-Morodan-Vila-Katharina-4 (1)mMarie Ollie white dress & red ensemble  – Parlor beige dress – Tria Alfa earrings 


Let`s raise our glasses to my latest discovery and one of the most fascinating boutique hotels in Romania – the newly inaugurated Vila Katharina, in the center of Brasov.  


I was in Cluj when I saw that my friends from Aviatorilor 41 set up a pop-up store in Brasov and that they booked their rooms in this place. Naturally, I psyched with excitement.


WHAT`s THAT ARISTO PLACE? Where is it? What is it? A private home? A hotel? A restaurant? Whatttttt is it? I shout over the phone at Diana. 


Morodan, get a grip. It`s a hotel, here`s the site, call and book a room and leave me alone, you crazy idiot!


Fine. So I came back from Cluj, spent the week in Bucharest and the weekend came. My mind was set. So I searched for Vila Katharina on Facebook, snooped around a little more, you know, to find spots for nice pictures #duhh #lifestylebloggerissues and ultimately made the phone call.


Hello, I`m Ana Morodan, I would like to book a room in your hotel, do you have a free one for this weekend? And I would also love to take some photos there, would that be ok with you?


Excuse me, could you please tell me you name again?


 I said it again.


Well, it`s so nice to finally hear from you, we opened last October and we are in love with what you do, we had even invited you here but you never answered. 


Mannnn, I never got the message, I`m not sure where you sent it, but I would`ve surely come in an instant. Well, never mind, I`m so coming now9b


My stay at Vila Katharina was one city break I will always remember. I met inspirational people who developed a business that can stand tall and proud among any hotel businesses in this world and that made me feel very proud. Their attention to details and comfort left me the impression that I was living more than a dream, I was living days during which I could forget about my daily stress. What`s more, it put me on a serene mood that prevailed upon my crazy mind. I made me relax completely. 


I feel extremely honored that people like them appreciate what I do. My community is really special and I couldn`t be more grateful for this. 


I left Vila Katharina with a smile in my heart and with the promise that I`ll be back soon. Because you always want to come back to the places where you felt the happiest. 












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  1. Mimi Love says:


  2. Minodora Iancu says:

    Brasov, here we come!

  3. bivolaru ana says:

    Rosu te prinde intotdeauna cel mai bine 🙂

  4. MoroFan says:

    Cred ca incep sa ma repet, dar I can’t help it, esti cea mai tare

  5. Andreea Daiana says:

    Loc mai artisto ca aceasta vila chiar ca nu se putea, va potriviti de minune 😀

  6. RuxiTux says:

    Caaaaat de frumoooos! Mai vrem!

  7. limoncello says:

    Now that’s one hell of a place for a city break! I bet I wouldn’t forget it either. If I’m ever in Romania, it’s a must

  8. mariana says:

    Esti o poveste, Ana!!!1

  9. Liliana M. says:

    Camera din prima poza e divina. Oare e parte din vreo camera de inchiriat sau o camera de zi/restaurant/spatiu comun?

  10. Georgi says:

    Detaliul cu volane de pe pieptul rochiei e extraordinar, iar culoarea… de vis <3

  11. mmary says:

    I definitely agree with the last sentences! We connect with some places and those will always stay closest to our heart.

  12. Didi Felecan says:


  13. Maria timofte says:

    Vai Ana, ce frumoasa poti fi, din toate punctele de vedere!

  14. renata_reni says:

    Ador geanta din poza de pe strada. De unde o ai?

  15. Octavia says:

    Poza in vana e preferata mea

  16. flavi says:

    Haha, ce fain ca stiau de tine, intr-adevar nimeni nu s-ar potrivi mai bine ca tine in acel setting Aristo 😀

  17. Ramona Georghias says:

    Si eu am avut o conexiune similara cu un hotel superb din Napoli, iar in fiecare vara tot sper sa reusesc sa ma intorc acolo. E frumoasa si Katharina, cred ca te simti ca intr-o poveste acolo.

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