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Contesa Morodan

She s thinking

The smiling Queen Morodan

The Sleepy Queen

Pharmachy Brasov - her new favorite spot

Sleeping Queen Morodan

She s the QueenIn this marvelous post I am wearing a Rhea Costa dress and Eva von Autumn bracelets

 © Serban Cristea



I woke up late, like really late, like Now. I had to attend a morning event, pack my bags for a Spa trip to Iaki, prepare a photo shoot at 1 pm and meet Ioana. Haven’t made any of the above. I am in my night gown, in bed, with my laptop, eating a Sneakers and talking with you.

Since I know myself I suspect I will run mad in half an hour and start doing stuff. I have to be a good time manager today because I am leaving the city for two days so I have to check everything that’s on my “to do” list.

Ok, that is the status of the day, let’s move on to a more fascinating topic about a fascinating place in a fascinating city (“fascinating” is my new “chic” this week).

I am talking about  Dr. Jekelius – Pharmacy Cafe – in Brasov

 .Crap, I just got a call and I have to go. I’ll update you guys laterrr.



UPDATE1 AM – Guys, I’m back.

Had a hectic day. I forgot that I had to go at the Nescafe conference this morning so I rushed there, after that I had a shooting with an amazing architect and decorator which you will see here soon and finally had to pack my bags for a road trip to the sea side and came here.

Anyways, getting back to the matter at hand, Dr. Jekelius – Pharmacy Cafe in Brasov is among my number one choices when I’m in this city. And me being in this city happens almost every weekend because I feel super relaxed when coming here. Peaceful, filled with common sensed people and very relaxing, Brasov became my favorite destination for a quick break away from chaos.

Of course I love this cafe! It’s like from another era, the details, the decorations and it’s whole story has a magical vibe. Like we are stepping in the 19th century.

Make sure you put it on you “must visit” list next time you are in Brasov.



Sometimes, the most magical spots must be shared only with the chosen ones and I chose you!


Morodan has a secrettt



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is




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  1. Anaivilo says:

    The photos are fantastic! So is the location, you always pick the perfects spots! 😉

  2. Adina Negrea says:

    WOWWW Ana, this is amazing!

    And that Rhea Costa dress is everybody’s dream <3

  3. My fashion Story says:

    I love this place too. The next time you are in Brasov call me, I’ll send you an email with my number. I would love to meet you.

    You’re so original and unique <3

  4. Karinne says:

    I love this shooting Ana. You really are a modern countess 🙂

  5. Style isn't 4 everybody says:

    This dress in killing me!!!

    Rhea Costa really does some amazing ones.

  6. Alina Drumila says:

    Ana, I am reading you since of the beginning. You are amazing and a true inspiration to my daughter.

    Thank you!

  7. Minnie Fashion Crowd says:

    Serban take such amazing photos. His photos really tell a story and I love that. You guys make the best team <3

  8. luizaa says:

    love the dress and this amazing place

  9. coffee chic says:

    too beautiful to be true! the place is so cool, tx for the tip

  10. tania manea says:

    minunat loc Ana! abia astept sa ajung pe acolo

  11. lully says:

    another magic place, another magic dress :* adorable

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