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Photos by Vali Barbulescu



I am back with the second part of our #LiveBrilliant moments from the Hyundai world wide campaign. As I told you in the first episode the focus values of this campaign are SELF, LOVE,  FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP and along with these three awesome women, Mirela Bucvicean, Noemi Revnic and Corina – whom I proudly call my friends – I spent a day in the Hyundai – Live Brilliant way.


Today you see glimpses of my Friendship and Love moments. Since we know that life is made of a multitude of small moments, these small moments must be appreciated for their rightful value. Like a styling meeting with your girlfriend, where you talk about clothes, beauty products and the whole feminine universe feeling  so connected to this person.  Or a daily moment of happiness like receiving flowers from your fiancee (I love flowers more than Chanel #pebune #mamganditmultlaastasiasae #vaexplicinthenextpost) and feeling loved and protected.


These are the daily moments that we tend not to  live to the fullest. And when that happens just think to #livebrilliant  – it’s like I always said, everything is a matter of perspective.

Since we are at it, talking about the small and the precious,  this small thing called the Hyundai I10 which drove me around these days is not a moment but it is little and precious. I always loved the mini class cars. I can squeeze anywhere with them, they look cute and people can actually see me when I drive – being a tiny creature, when I drive big cars you might think they drive themselves because you can hardly see me driving.



Stay tuned for the next #LiveBrilliant by Hyundai episode!


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


#livebrilliant Ana von Banana

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  1. Eugene Marie says:

    love this car, this is exactly why i drive it also :*

  2. Ginger Girl says:

    gorgeous feeling to drive a car that can carry you the right way! love the colors of this hyunday i10!

  3. kori says:

    corina I love you!!!!!

  4. High Heels says:

    a great car for high heels it seems 😀

  5. sorina raducanu says:

    nu ne arati si noua o poza cu logodnicul tau ? :))) nea-i faciut curiosi 🙂

  6. Queen of Style says:

    foarte frumoase valorile din spatele campaniei <3

  7. Irinuc says:

    ce frumoasa e Corina :))) cu asa un stilist-prietena zic si eu :))

  8. Laura V.L. says:


  9. Pisica says:

    Wow! ce femei superbe conduc masina asta, makes wanna 🙂

  10. kiki's day says:

    suna bine!

  11. Passion for Style says:

    nice dress! that one you are wearing!

  12. Honey Fashion says:

    this is really a problem for us small girls, good to know, i was thinking of changing my car with a more comfortable one

  13. jana says:

    grozava viata ai Ana! te admir foarte mult

  14. popescu ionescu suzana says:

    nice campaign, puts me in a nice mood, loving the pictures and the positive vibe

  15. La Famme says:

    yep, cars must be shared with people we love <3 right?

  16. Pop Up Style says:

    suitable for classy ladies it seems! love it!

  17. Urania Banescu says:

    you are just amazing!!!!!

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