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2 January 2013 / By / 12 Comments



It’s January 2, get up and start fighting for your goals! Ok, ok, I’ll shut up.

I wanna share with you guys some of the projects I’m involved in.

A few weeks ago, when All Hollow asked me to do a styling story for their magazine, the first idea that came to my mind was “I’m gonna do a Black Widow thing” . Being an eternal lover of all things dramatic (only when it comes to style and outfits) it was exactly what I did. That’s so cool about this magazine, you get freedom of expression.

Above, you can see some of the pictures from them pictorial


The Story 

Starts with the Veuve mourning her lost husband whom she actually killed. Her loyal worshiper, the butler Fitzgerald (sorry Andrei, Fitzgerald was unanimous elected) is by her side. We never know if Fitzerald has a twin brother or not, not even the Veuve knows it because he always surrounds himself with a veil of mystery.

After the service she returns home where she starts enjoying her new freedom and inherited wealth.
Decadence, statement jewelry, lavishly glamorous dresses and lady like-ness are her weapons and no human being ever escaped her unique sense of personality.

I’m pretty proud of the final result – some of the frames you can see above – and I send a big Thank you to all of the people who contributed to this style story.


Location, location,location

We had the shooting at Bellu cemetery –  a place that I terribly adore, Casa Vernescu– a  beautiful  Belle Epoque (can’t wait to be opened soon so you guys can visit it too)building  and at Carol Parc Hotel – which is one of my favorite hotels in Bucharest.
It was the horribly cold days in Bucharest so imagine our faces at Bellu and at Casa Vernescu where there’s no electricity therefore no heating – yes, we were frozen after 4 hours.



The team

The search for the perfect model was a true adventure until Mirela suggested Carla Maria Teaha, a young beautiful actress who played La Veuve Noir perfectly. Andrei Runcanu  played the perv, loyal butler and his 19th century Lord allure fitted just perfectly with what I’ve been searching for..

Roberth Both whom you’ve met already was the hairstylist in charge and Anca Buza, the make-up artist. I adore them most, they did a wondefrul job!

Serban was the photographer (he does not get the link, he says each time after I link him lots of people friend request him and he doesn’t know them) and did an amazing job. Although not being a photographer on a daily basis and only takes pictures as a hobby, we share the same vision and I think he did an amazing job.



If you go and buy the magazine tell me what you think.


Ok, now go back to the hedonistic moment in which I know you were a few minutes ago. It’s ok, it’s still January 2, you can relax a little more.


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  1. anca pink says:

    Darlin, congratulations ! Amazing shooting, everything is so dramatic, and your personal style shines through it all. Just love it, you are an inspiration

  2. Sooo oh soooo tragic! Delicious! Great job,the actess is very expressive, and the outfits look great in these locations. nice way to start the year dear ! Love and kisses

  3. Alexandra says:

    You have some of the most extraordinaire ideas, darling! You’re like the gift that keeps on giving. In the good way, that is.


  4. I love it! Great styling and great photos! Awesome idea! <3

  5. Gorgeous! This reminds me of one of my favorite photo shooting for Vogue Italia, by Steven Meisel. Congrats!

  6. petitegigi says:

    Arati extraordinar, ca de obicei! Iti sta tare bine fara breton!

  7. M Denisa says:

    Surprisingly, “La Veuve Noir” reminds me of “the dead bride” story. Maybe because is a combination of deadly beauty, passion and “innocence”(that the model poses). And the last picture reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock Psycho movie.

    This magazine looks promising and the cover with Alexandrina Hristov – one of my favorite singers – is the cherry on the pie.

    I don’t know if I’m going to find it in my small city but if yes, I’m definitely going to buy it!

  8. Biju.Brill says:

    Ana, you have made a fantastic job! While reading your post, all those images were flashing and were rolling into my head. And an evil laughter was so loud, as the witch Veuve Noir was contemplating her success!
    Amazing story and I can not imagine Serban not being actually a professional photographer!
    I wish you both a fulfilling new year, but I guess it has already started to be so, right? 🙂
    Hugs, Sorina – your daily fan!

  9. Fantastic job, Ana! Serban is such a good photographer. He should keep at least a blog, or make a FB page, in order to stop receiving friendship requests (people will give a like to his page 🙂 )
    Happy New Year! :*

  10. Emanuel I. says:

    You did it again darling.
    Dupa pictorialul “erotic” din GQ, asta trebuia sa urmeze. Clar!
    Te felicit din suflet! O super poveste, un super model si un stilist pe masura.

  11. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous. You blew my mind once again, so I’m just going to shut up and enjoy those breathtaking pictures.


  12. Elena says:

    Felicitari,darling! Ce sa mai,aceste poze reflecta clar ideea de “femme fatale”,inconjurata o aura senzuala si plina de mister…
    Intr-un cuvant…sublim!

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