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19 December 2017 / By / 34 Comments

Here’s an inside to fill you in.

Now let’s move on…to getting it done, should we? As you all know, I’m a big home deco aficionado. 

What’s this gotta do with Christmas and this tiny over-sharing of lack of happy Christmases drama?

It does. Because Christmas and home decor have one special thing in common:

They both make you feel like you belong





And I belong with these humans, the M office, my team and my family! Sharing my adventures with them tought me so much about so many things and made me realize so often that in life, the family you make is as important as the one you are born into. 

And guess what? We all adoreeeeee home deco. No, really. Like really, really. Like No-I’m-not-just-saying-this-because-we-decorated-with-H&M-Home kinda really. We change things in the office and then talk for hours about one vase. If that’s the right place for it or we should move it. Ok, fine, that’s just me talking and doing pools about a candle’s place or a vase, the rest just think I’m passive-aggressive crazy as hell when it comes to these topics. But what’s really connecting us when it comes to decorations is that we all hit the home deco boutiques each time we enter a mall. Yeah, I know, you thought we’d go straight to the clothing departments. You judgemental, you! 




Stop eating sugar! This is a drug! It will kill you! 

daily speech by Diana for Costri and I 





However, like every team with powerful personalities should be, we all have different preferences when it come to design styles. Claude and Diana are more of a modern art deco. I think George is also. Iulian is the Nordic minimalist. Cossy Mossy (Costrut that is) is…by God, every home deco style in the book, all in one room. And I’m more of Belle Epoque 2.0 vibe.






We do have one principle in common when it comes to this passion of ours.

We prefer decorating with affordable yet statement pieces and invest the big money in pieces of art we can insert into our homes and offices. We think that’s the True Chic when it comes to home deco. 



ANA-MORODAN-HM-HOME-CHRISTMAS-11All of us wearing H&M Holiday outfits – yeah, including Fitz 6b

Photos by Costrut (and…well…us, carefully directed by him, when he was posing) with H&M Home decorations at Kaleidoscope.book.a.rest


I know, you basically are wondering what’s all this got to do with Christmas. Again. 

Well, Christmas must be treated how you treat a new home. With care. And decorations! And if you don’t know yet how many new homes you’ll get in this life, you know for sure that you get a new Christmas every year. So, basically, every year you get a new chance to change the decorations. And buy new stylish ones. Of course spending a fortune is not a wise option. We need affordable ones. Affordable but chic, though. So yeasss, H&M Home has some very elegant and happy holiday collections. Did you notice the water bottle? And the 60’s inspired champagne glasses? Or those cute tree ( use a fake one, protect nature!) decorations? And guess what? We picked them together. So basically we won’t have a white themed decorated office for Christmas (as I wanted – not a bit of respect for authority around) but a very…eclectic one. 


And yes, for the first time ever in my life, I am very happy that Christmas is coming! I bet you notice #duh, I just wrote a short novel until I got to the part where I told you how we picked the decorations. Because, for the first time ever, I do not have expensive stuff around but valuable experiences done together, like a real family! 



* Gabi, Iunia, Ange and Cristi: sorry you missed this but we love you. Well, Ange actually didn’t missed it, she was there but played mystery mistress, as per usual. 



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  1. Iulia F says:

    Se vede atata bucurie in ochii vostri. Sunteti adorabili, va iubesc!

  2. Onelia C says:

    E si Fitz, vedeta familiei…

  3. Fifi says:

    Fitz e cel mai simpatic motan ?

  4. Sorina Ioana says:

    Felicitari Ana pentru oamenii astia minunati pe care i-ai stans in jurul tau!!

  5. Georgiana V says:

    Ce brad mandru! Bravo, Ana!!!
    Numai brad nu ai mai fost tu pana acum :))

  6. Ramona Tudor says:

    Minunati <3
    Sarbatori magice!

  7. Cornelia B. says:

    Decoratiunile sunt de vis!!! unde se gasesc?

  8. Daniela Popescu says:


  9. Cecilia Cosma says:

    Doamna Morodan, viata va face cele mai frumoase cadouri: aveti o echipa minunata, oameni frumosi alaturi si un motan grasun si simpatic. Va multumesc ca ne impartasiti atata bucurie si pozitivism! :*

  10. Elena G says:

    Foarte frumoase tinutele

  11. Nina says:

    Mr. Claude Baker & Diva Di sunt preferatii mei. De fapt, va iubesc pe toti!
    Sarbatori cu bine! xoxo pup :*

  12. Oana Botea says:

    le cam plac prajiturile baietilor astora :))

  13. Doina Paraschiv says:

    Sarbatori minunate pline de lumina si magie va doresc!
    Merry Christmas!

  14. Ivona Vucea says:

    Cand eram copil si noi tot cu globuri din hartie decoram. Ma bucur ca au revenit in trend !!!
    Imbratisari calde tuturor. Craciun Fericit!

  15. Mario says:

    BONNE FÊTE! <3

  16. simo_simona says:

    Poza cu baietii e preferata mea. Si aia cu Fitz! 😛

  17. Ramo Ramona says:

    Diana e superba, se vede ca nu consuma zahar. ??

  18. Victoria Gurghi says:

    V-ati coordonat minunat, sunteti frumosi si senini.
    Imi place cand vad oameni care se bucura de viata si fac lucrurile cu pasiune. Cand incepeti o noua emisiune?

  19. Nadia T says:

    This is my favorite shooting ever <3

  20. mona lola says:

    Nu e niciodata prea tarziu sa descoperi magia Craciunului. ? Sarbatori linistite!

  21. Mos Craciun says:

    Ce vrei sa-ti aduca Mosul?

  22. Maleena K says:

    I love all your accessories!! Absolutely stunning as always!

  23. Ewa Macherowska says:

    Absolutely amazing! x

  24. Horia P says:

    Ati putea face un videoclip de Craciun impreuna

  25. Tatiana F says:

    Vaaaai!!! Fitz are costum de Mos Craciun!!! E super!!! De unde l-ai luat Ana?

  26. Mary Kate says:

    Have a merry jolly Christmas! ???

  27. Kiki P says:

    This is #MAGIC! love u all… :*

  28. Flavia F says:

    foarte frumoase decoratiunile

  29. Corina F says:

    Ne dati si noua reteta de la prajitura cu jeleu? Arata delicios… priceput domnul!

  30. Cici Pop says:

    Minunatilor! <3 <3 <3

  31. George says:

    Locatia, atmosfera, hainele alese, totul este deosebit, felicitari!

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