Have you met Super?

9 September 2010 / By / 16 Comments

Ohh I’ll tell you tomorrow…I’m so tired now and I had one too many glasses of wine.


And this is ME, in someone else’s shirt.

YES I love UGG’s, crucify me.


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  1. nookie says:

    Super is so super!!!:)

  2. Iulia says:

    Hello Super 😀

  3. eatsleepwear says:

    oh my dear. i love this post!!!! and i do love uggs to. BOOYA!!!

    <33333 xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

  4. I love UGG’s too:) siiiiiii eu am norocul de a avea cel mai mic picior din lume,si mi-am luat d ela copii,care erau cu vreo 50$ mai ieftini:> Lucky me ha?:)) Red wine or white?

  5. Andrejka says:

    Oh, your cat is so cute!! 🙂


  6. this is not for the wine, you are great. I really waiting that winter will begin to wear my ugg, so so confy


  7. the cat makes up for the uggs :))

  8. kittenhood says:

    but i like uggs too. also, cats. and this one is a darling

  9. Arina says:

    yeah! love…THE CAT!!!!

  10. beingdena says:

    Super is super handsome and you are so very cute. I love UGGs too, let them shoot us. They are so comfy for when you are doing not much.

    Dena x

  11. Kalimero says:

    You’re so cute in those pictures, and the house is awesome! Love the design and the pretty pillows!

  12. You and Super are both super. I love love love the photos; also I’m not a UGGs hater:))))))))))

  13. Oana Roxana says:

    Colivia,parul tau care arata altfel,rama oglinzii si restul detaliilor fac din ultima poza o fotografie buna de inramat.

  14. Annelie says:

    Cloudyness is so good, and especially if it comes from wine 🙂

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