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Morodan at sea with Paravion

On the sea iacht with Paravion

The Countess Ana in Cyprus with Paravion

Ana loving her Andra Andreescu butterfly dress

She's thinking looking fantastic

Amazing Countess Morodan

Little Morodan in Cyprus with Paravion

Detalis from our amazing hotel in Cyprus with Paravion

Ana looking superb in Cyprus with ParavionI wore an Andra Andreescu Butterfly Dress and H&M necklace and sneakers

© Serban Cristea



Fridayyyy, it’s Fridayyyy! So what better reason than to show you my second Cyprus day this Friday? Maybe you will be inspired and run to the seaside.


I told you on Monday that I was invited by to spend a city break in Cyprus and get familiarized with their resorts and surroundings. On our second day we moved to another resort which I deeply loved because of the chic details of the interiors and their beautiful terraces. The sea view was amazing! Oh and also their spas (#grin, #biiiggggrinnnn)!

We went on a cruise to see their beautiful sea, to dive and swim and party on the yacht. I dived like for 20 seconds, panicked and rushed to the surface but it was enough for me to see the amazing colors of the corals, the different types of fish and a different world. They were some pretty amazing 20 seconds!

One aspect that really deserves to be pointed out is how friendly and nice were the locals and the whole team! In constant care for our well being and fun they organized fun lunches where we got to test the Cypriot traditional food, we visited their old cities and treasure hunted our way to dinner.


Limassol has an amazing old center, with very chic bistros. It would make a hell of a good inspiration for our old center of the city.

I laughed a lot with Mazilique and the other characters invited on this trip. They have tons of stories we talked about over dinner and our hosts, Marios and Remus from, pampered us beyond limits. And being treated politely and wonderfully by the people from whom you decide to buy your vacations is as important as the vacation itself. I think we all agree on that.



I’ve made some instant postcards for you just to see exactly that I was not Pr- ing you at all

Postcards from Larnaka

Postcards from Cyprus with Paravion



Ok, now rush to the sea and spend a relaxing weekend!

Goodbye mes chers #muahhh



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Emanuel I. says:

    Pfoaiii… Cum sunt pozele alea de pe vas!
    Si rochia-i mandra, Chiritzo!

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Ohhhh Ana … .now i’m daydreaming at the office 🙂

  3. Soos Cristina says:

    I like the pic with Serban … You ar so beautiful together <3

  4. Zadin says:

    Pozele de pe vas sunt bestiale. Șerban are un ochi foarte bun.

  5. Claudia says:

    oh boy! ce pofta mi-ai facut de vacanta !!! bine ca stim de paravion draga mea!

  6. Fast & Chic says:

    love, i bet it really was a lot of fun ! we can see it on your face ! lovely to know about paravion, btw, tx for sharing

  7. Ruxandra Melinte says:

    uh, dar ce frumos, dar e frumos este! si rochia, dar vai! decid aum si aici sa fac din nou diving vara mi-ai trezit amintirile 🙂 de e nu in cyprus, cu minunatii de la paravion! iuhuuuu

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