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As I promised you, ladies, I’m back with behind the scenes info.


These 8 days I had 2 men following me around. In my home, on the street, in every shop I went to, in every meeting, even at my girls’ night out mini party. It felt like I was in a reality show and it felt good. 8 days from God knows how early in the morning until my bed time. And they had to shoot everything, nothing was to be left out. The weirdest were the mornings when they had to capture me in my pajamas, washing my teeth, all that morning routine, and I’m very grumpy in the morning, I do hope I didn’t scare them.

The team was formed by one photographer and one cameraman. The most fun we had when they were following me on the street and people stopped staring like I was some very important diva.

At first it seemed a bit odd to ignore the boys and just live my life as I usually do, but sometimes I was so focused on what I was doing that I almost forgot about their presence. But I had to let them see the real me, because the whole project was based on that.

I remember a funny moment, we had to get to this event and there was a rush hour. Every street was jammed. I was at the wheel, you know what that means. And of course the only not so crowded street was the one-way street and of course I was at the forbidden end of that street. But I just had to ask them if they trust me. So I pushed the pedal and drove on the one-way street begging not to crash. They were really excited about that. I was too.

I’m going to watch the movie again:



Stay tuned m’ladies, other great news are about to come.



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