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lovely ana

black dress


pisica morodan

ana having fun




smiling ana

ana and her friend


black HM dressI am wearing an H&M Conscious Exclusive dress, yes again, I adore it, as I told you before and headband and Zara heels

 © Serban Cristea in Bruges



Being a little introspective mouse, I always pay attention to myself (the way I act, not the way I use make-up #iamawarepeople) and lately I detected a small habit taking over my way of speaking – the dirty talk. Yep, I am using dirty words, cursing or talking with many words that enter the big category of “shit”.

That’s not lady like! That’s not aristo. And most of all that’s not refined! I don’t want to be a dirty countess…


Since I reckoned this dirty fact about my way of speaking, it had to be rectified on the spot so here are a few ways of cursing elegantly:


  • that bitch  –  that completely inelegant lady
  • eat dick (mostly in traffic) – what a rude gentleman
  • that fucking moron/idiot/fat head/hog –  that simple minded human being
  • arrogant cunt – that low quality woman
  • asshole  – impolite
  • mother fucka’  – day ruiner



I could go on with that but before I go I want to tell you that I was very touched when during our strolls in Bruges, Serban and I found the Jan Van Eyck statue and visited his biggest masterpiece  – The Adoration of the Lamb in Ghent.

Did you know that one of  Romania’s most valuable painting is one of his? The Portrait of a Man with a Blue Chaperon and you can see it at the Bukenthal Museum in Sibiu.


I have to go, end my meetings for today and start planning a memorable event. Serban and I are celebrating two years since the day we met this weekend and this year is my turn to surprise him.


See you bitches ladies tomorrow. Still working on these elegant manners thing…this ratchet habit, how did it get me?!?!







Anetta von Cursetta



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  1. Style Bubble says:

    you are just amazing!

  2. do it now says:

    you know why i follow your blog ana? because it really motivates me to look feminine and do that extra effort to feel good about myself, and it works, i love you for that, i really do

  3. Komodoro says:

    second picture is wonderful! love this city

  4. Tatiana lully says:

    si eu fac exact la fel am piese de care ,ma indragostesc si le port des 🙂 e normal, asa ne bucuram de viata, nu?

  5. laura says:

    gorgeous mood, i fell in love with this dress because of you Ana, you look splendid

  6. Georgette says:

    you make me wanna wear heels :)))

  7. Clementina says:

    ufff ce atitudine! recunosc, cred ca cu totii mai scapam cate una din cand in cand, cateodata jur ca se cere!

  8. Uber Fahion says:

    uber dooper stylish outfit Ana!

  9. Floarea Ion says:

    Doamne Dumnezeule, eu locuiesc in Sibiu si inca nu stiam asta…until now 🙂

  10. Rochita Silviei says:

    inca o destinatie in drul spre Cluj! ma opresc si la Sibiu! trebuie vazut neaparat, este un deliciu sa te citesc draga mea

  11. Gina says:

    cu totii avem defectele nostre, dar mi se pare mare lucru curajul cu care le recunosti si actionezi! e un lucru bun de urmat!

  12. Queen of Style says:

    indeed, a beautiful dress

  13. J.S. Luna says:

    you fit so well in this decor Ana! love the head piece with this dress <3

  14. vera says:

    ai o atitudine frumoasa catre problema 🙂 daca te ajuta cu ceva 🙂 totul se poate schimba

  15. Giuly Girl says:

    so somptuous in front of that statue, love it!

  16. Skinny Mary says:

    cat de dragutz! multi inainte, sa fiti fericiti o viata!

  17. teodora says:

    how exciting 🙂 i love to prepare for occasions like this, they make life worth living!

  18. Die Style says:

    yes! exactly! but the attitude is extremely important when you replace the dirty words with the lady like expressions 🙂 and boy, you do have the attitide! muah

  19. wanda smith says:

    always cool that i find out interesting and valuable information about Romania and the art here on you blog

  20. Janice Is Chic says:

    wow that interior is breathtaking…

  21. popescu A. says:

    iti doresc o zi frumoasa Ana, frumoasa ca tine :*

    cu drag,

  22. Anaivilo says:

    Oh that dres… you look so beautiful in it! 😀
    And happy anniversary for both of you!

  23. Georgy says:

    i misse the pictures made by serban, they are special, au stare, sunt pline 🙂 imi plac foarte mult

  24. Zina Cool says:

    anyway you put it this fress look gorgeous, i love all the details of it especially with the beautiful flowers and your aristo presence

  25. dana says:

    cred ca un post de mega interes ar fi meniul tau saptamanal sau intr-o luna obisnuita ce manaci mic dejun ,pranz,cina
    arati grandios poti sa impartasesti asta cu noi ?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Dana, sa stii ca ma Photoshopez :)) Ma chinui si eu ca noi toate sa imi formez o alimentatie sanatoasa dar trebuie sa recunosc ca destul de des cad prada unei pizza congelate, unui meniu junk food sau oricarei prajituri de pe lume 🙂

  26. Soos Cristina says:

    Pisii drag i love you’re dress ❤
    Totdeauna scap cate un cuvant “urat” stai sa recunosc … mai multe 🙂


  27. Tania says:

    Ana, unde pot gasi si eu aceasta rochie superba? Mersi!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Offf, e de cativa ani dintr-o colectie H&M, nu cred ca o mai gasesti, poate pe ebay 🙁

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