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The Circus is in Town? No, it’s Just a Clown – Notes on My Relationship with Fear

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  Notes on My Relationship with Fear      Get rid of your fears! Get rid of your fears!   Maybe because of the spiritual awakening. Maybe because it’s a social trend or because of the self-help/personal development industry growing so rapidly. Maybe because I’ve met a boy with the saddest eyes I’ve seen in a while. […]

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Mic Discurs Despre Rezistenta si Aspect

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  As mai avea ceva de zis: Luxul, luxul adevarat, cel care nu tine de eticheta hainelor, cel care nu este despre ‘AM’ ci despre ‘SUNT’ cel care nu este despre avere sau bani, despre grandoare sau risipa ci despre libertate, hedonism, gingasie si ragaz. Luxul adevarat este despre TIMP. Si de ce ti l-ai […]

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The Conversation All Ladies Should Have At least Once Per Year

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 Raluca Badulescu x Mineli boots – Italian Vintage bag – Ludique gloves      I’ve noticed this whole fuss about one topic which I find…natural and not at all tabu. There’s also a campaign which, if you ask me, is funny and smart and meant to raise awareness. It’s just a marketing campaign done right, […]

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In Case You Need a Different Type of Jewelry

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Conduc isteric – dupa cum spun cei care au avut nenorocul sa ma intalneasca in trafic J – un Hyundai si ma pregatesc sa fac o achizitie hibrid. Stiti deja ca ma preocupa protejarea mediului inconjurator si cred ca nu e suficient sa propovaduiesc colectarea selectiva a deseurilor, reducerea consumului de apa si energie sau […]

5 November 2017 / By / 4 Comments

While I was Gone

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Hello Internet,   I’ve been frantically away and rare at sight for a few weeks. Working day and night for your TV show is not as glamorous as one might think. But that’s a story for another time. Fact is, I’ve finished this series and slept for a few days in a wonderful Lucca villa […]

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