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3 April 2015 / By / 19 Comments

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI am wearing a Zara trench, a Gabriela Dumitran hat and Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels – coming soon

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



Black may represent happy feelings for us, fashionistas, but some color might prove pretty glam from time to time.

Yep, your reaction sounds familiar. We`re the same. More of a basic, black and white ladies. However, take a look at my outfit today. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. The blue, mustard, forest green and red are harmoniously mixing. Yes, today I admit, I love colors and this outfit makes me feel seductive and beautiful. Like a modern heroine. It may be superficial but it does and I’m grateful for it.

And yes, it s about Dove today also. Because Dove supports real beauty.

And because Dove is also our trusted friend when it comes to wearing colors. A deodorant which does not leave white marks on 100 colors – Dove Invisible Dry. Basically you have a whole army of superheroes because Dove Invisible Dry comes in different shapes and types: spray, roll on and stick. All with ¼ moisturizer creams and with vitamin E.

A? Wearing colors suddenly became cooler and easier, right?

And we have an app and gifts to celebrate it all. Because women support women and wearing color makes you a bit more positive and energetic.

Go, enter the Sarbatorim Frumusetea Culorilor Facebook app and pick your style – Glam, Office or Casual

  • Then style our outfit – you’ll find a sketch there
  • And last but not least, fill the form found on step 3


And you’ll get the chance to win one of the 100 prizes – 5 Fashion Days vouchers, 5 Dove scarves or 90 Dove Invisible Dry sets.

You have until the 24th of April.


Oh well, wearing color proves to be a positive experience. Not only because I’ve been complimented for my surprisingly colorful outfit but, because I’m also going to be rewarded for that. Or, at least, I have a chance.

You know, I’ ve enrolled the application too. ana-9










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  1. Gabriela C says:

    palaria e superba

  2. fairy says:

    amazing color for that trench coat, and the fact that it has a silky texture makes is sooo sexy 😉

  3. Elena says:

    the perfect red shoes

  4. Simona I. says:

    Imi place la nebunie sa port culori. Dove Invisible Dry Spray e alegerea mea de cativa ani si pot sa spun ca cea mai buna optiune daca vrei haine fara pete

  5. Edna says:

    Dick Tracy in heels :)) and sexy thights 😉

  6. florenta says:

    inca ma surprind campaniile Dove, e un brand care merita tot respectul pentru ca are un respect enorm pentru femei si pentru frumusetea autentica

  7. Larisa Dinu says:

    m-am inscris si eu cu o tinuta glam, pentru ca nu am timp sa port o astfel de tinuta in viata de zi cu zi. macar virtual 😉

  8. oana adam says:

    Dove + Fashion Days = <3 <3 <3

  9. Ilinca says:

    Si eu prefer sa port negru, dar o tinuta colorata atat de frumoasa ma inspira intotdeauna

  10. Gloria says:

    Gabriela Dumitran hats are so special and cool

  11. irina says:

    i will always love black, but that shade of green is just amazing

  12. Ancuta says:

    Jos palaria pentru Dove si campaniile lor!

  13. Georgeta Ilie says:

    Sunt foarte multumita de produsele Dove iar campaniile lor sunt cu adevarat speciale. Un brand care pune accent pe frumusete atat de frumos incat ne face pe toate sa ne simtim frumoase

  14. cristina ds says:

    sunt sigura ca ai mai vazut-o, dar mi se pare superba

    jos palaria de 100000000000000 de ori pentru Dove 🙂

  15. Fifi says:

    great coat, love the color

  16. iulia says:

    iti sta minunat cu palarie 🙂

  17. Ruxx Pop says:

    Fashion Days voucher come to mamaaaaaaa 🙂

  18. miriam says:

    wearing color is always a positive experience <3 you look great

  19. candrea nadia alina says:

    done <3 thanks!

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