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Ana wearing Venera Arapu

Morodan looking awesomeI am wearing a Venera Arapu dress, Ana Morodan @ Smliling Shoes thigh high boots and a Celine bag

© Lightaholic – shoot with Canon Eos 100 D – the smallest dslr in the world

You know, the first times Serban asked me out I was really considering the fact that he might be a secret agent. I know, I know, you tend to think that I was this cheesy lady who fell in love at first sight. Well, NO! I’m not a cheesy nothing and I do not fall in love uncontrollably not even with myself.

He has this allure…well, I’m going to stop now because I value discretion and moderation when it comes to exposing precious parts of my life. To make it a wrap, he has this James Bond attitude that makes one act like a little idiotic girl around him. It’s seductive, believe me.

 I visited Venera Arapu (Dorobantilor Street, 42) for the launch of her capsule collection – Male Movie Stars – and guess what?  Venera did not design a Serban dress (offf ) so I picked the second best, Daniel Craig.

Tomorrow Venera Arapu is launching her second capsule collection, this time with feminine icons.




Talking about cool, I think Venera Arapu invented the term, no?

Do you remember my first pictorial with her designs? I’m still loving it!


Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Secret Agent lover Morodan

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  1. fiona hey says:

    hey, why don’t you make yourself a dress with your special secret agent serban? i think it wil be really smashing (for him especially!) :))))

  2. Katy S. Swinson says:

    i just fell in love with your dress Ana

  3. Gina says:

    nice one! fermecataore idee de colectie, merita vazuta toata!

  4. Gina says:

    nice one! fermecatoare idee de colectie, merita vazuta toata!

  5. Love For Fashion says:

    well now this is something worth doing on a beautiful Saturaday! see you there Ana!

  6. anca says:

    you sound so inlove i think you should listen to this, mybe dedicate it to him :)))
    And yes, Venera kinda did invent coolness back when no one was cool around here!

  7. Lory Story says:

    uuuu women movie stars! love it! i would so wear a dress like that!

  8. isabelle says:

    your dress is really beautiful, but i also fell for the coat and those sexy boots #fashionjunkie

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