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26 April 2010 / By / 13 Comments


Obviously that I would like to write all the crazy ideas that run through my head, but because I care for you people I’ll try to abstain myself and just make a little summary of my day by day activities.

By this you will find out more about my little twisted habits and I will answer the questions some of you sent me by mail.

So here it goes…
I wake up at 7 am VERYYYY HARDLY, or in some days at 7.45 am, but in those days I know I’m gonna look ummmmm let’s just say not that polish or fashionable:((, anyway I wake up, in that same second the music starts and my cat is at my feet and starts to grumble so I take it on my arms and we start to pamper ourselves in our own way.

After that the madness begins, so pay attention…in almost 9 minutes I brush my teeth, drink a cup of hot water (its a bio/living healthy stuff, don’t ask…ughhh )plus I don’t drink coffee, decide what to wear(many many bad outfit days) note to self: decide in the evening what you wear the next day, cuddle with my cat a little bit more, check my mail, my facebook *, fool myself in the mirror that I look presentable, try to tidy my house a little** and then, suddenly, I realize that I have almost five minutes to get to work and normally it takes me seven(I’m lucky I know:)) ohhhh my Gooooodddd then I rush at the closet, put on my UGG’s and make a run for it.

And all the way to work I imagine myself that I’m in NY and its ok too wear your heels in one hand, lots of stuff on the other and wear a business like/ decent outfit (my boss*** always says that I should try to dress more serious:( goshhh ) with weird boots on your feet.

Obviously that my technique doesn’t work cause I see people STARING.

I told you useless stuff again…so let’s focus…my habits…my habits…a yesss, found a few… at night I wake up and eat chocolate with my eyes closed, if I find something that I like YES I’ll spend my last dime on it, and this is happening OBVIOUSLY very often, I eat a lot of bread, I know its unhealthy but its my sin:((, I love neutral colors and I have an affair with black.

So these is a little glimpse on my daily routine are some of my habits. I hope that it was helpfull.

* I’m telling you I’m addicted, and when I think that the days when I was making fool of my friends because they had an account on hy5 are not so in the past…
** Yes I have my obsessions …

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  1. Dip-tea says:

    Ha ha ha! Thanks for the glimpse of your life. It is a fun read!
    Love the necklace and your hair is fabulous! 🙂

  2. Madi says:

    ahh! I absolutely love that necklace! It’s gorgeous.

  3. I am 100% in love with this dress and I cant wait to see when you finally launch it. The ease of this style makes me very excited!!!

    Perfecto. xo, Kim http://www.crowded-closet.com

    PS- I need to know what shade you are putting on your lips!

  4. dressaddict says:

    Si eu fac la fel cu hainele! Iau ceva daca imi place rau si intr-o marime mai mare si le modific! Deci te inteleg perfect 😉

  5. janettaylor says:

    So so stylish!

  6. your necklace is divine! I love it with the stripes! beautiful!

  7. Love thsi articole: so funny and witty. Also I love finding things about people I don’t personally know but like – I’m a freak like that. Don’t feel about about buying bigger clothes when you like something, I’m worse – I even buy smaller clothes somehow hoping I’ll become a size 2 which is practically impossible, but I always say: you never know?!!!:))))

  8. Zoë says:

    beautiful necklace!

  9. Ramona J. says:

    Cunosc…si eu cumpar haine sau incaltari mai mari pentru ca ma indragostesc subit si nu mai pot sa traiesc fara ele :)) Cu hainele e rezolvabil,mai tai,stramtez,scurtez.Grav e la sandale.

  10. kingaaaa says:

    love the skirt and necklace!

  11. Carolina says:

    beautiful blog, which effects do you use for your photos?


    ps: i featured some of your picture on my last post to ask my readers some photography tricks. no worries, i credited you.

  12. Ana says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments , they really mean a lot to me:0

    So thank you for making my days more wonderful:)


  13. Rox says:

    Nu stiu cum am citit postul asta acum, dar mi-am adus aminte de viata mea din perioada respectiva (2010) cand lucram la BRD, aveam o sefa tembela care se lega mereu de felul meu de a ma imbraca (care semana foarte mult cu stilul tau din perioada aceea) si obisnuiam sa merg si eu cu UGG-sii pana la serviciu si o plasutza cu pantofii cu toc dupa mine 🙂

    Meanwhile, stilul tau a ajuns ceea ce este acum, eu am ajuns mult mai sporty si mai relaxed (nu mai am nimic cu toc in garderoba, decat daca ma ambitionez sa caut bine) and I assume ca nu mai lucrezi nici tu cu seful din poveste, haha :))

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