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Asos booties, Snobbish Breakfast skirt, American Apparel shirt, Zara blouse, H&M and Topshop jewelry     There are just some days when everything goes wrong. When you spill the coffee on your white dress on the way to ‘the‘ important meeting or when your phone runs out of battery while you are stuck in the […]

18 March 2012 / By / 7 Comments

it’s so cool to have an assistant

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 . I’m looking through some papers, bored, thinking that I want something nice to happen. After 5 minutes my inbox warns me that I have a new mail (great, more reports to go over). But no, it’s a mail from Anca. She tells me about a personal shopping service that was just founded in one […]

13 April 2011 / By / 4 Comments

INSTAGRAM filtered life

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the perfect bouquet Say “hi” to Tomita (can’t get him out of my apartment) ” I’m so proud of this outfit” Late nights at the office Delia is my bigger sister Snobbish Breakfast 2 Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!?! I think I like you too ! Girlie stuff Some quiet moments after the relocation […]

6 April 2011 / By / 7 Comments

there’s something about that girl


what is she doing during lunch breaks?!?  

28 March 2011 / By / 15 Comments

new city/new dates


  Snobbish Breakfast dress, Zara jacket, Mango skarf Photos By Tudor Nica Funny or better yet, idiotic stuff happen to me lately! Ohhh well,you attract what you radiate… So, there is this guy, he’s sort of cute, funny, in some weird and twisted way, has an awesome smile and maybe, just maybe, I may like […]

10 March 2011 / By / 15 Comments