5 Etiquette Tips that Will Make You Seem Classier

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Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

I am wearing a Zara cape, a Parfois minaudiere and H&M leather gloves

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev




Dear diary,

Neah, I`m officially too old for this sort of crap.


What You Feel When You Are Close to Reaching 30


Now, 3 days before turning 30 I must confess I`m living the drama. You know, all of you who already turned 30 said it will be a brief moment of anxiety/lack of self trust maybe I will even feel sad. Well guess what? You were sort of right. However, I`m also proud of what I`ve accomplished in only 4 years – yeah, this road of my life started at 26, until then I thought I could be a lawyer – so I`m facing all the dark zones before this milestone birthday also with confidence and with a warrior decided to succeed mindset.

I`m waiting for this week to pass since many of you said it`s just a brief period of dark clouds and that 30 is basically the best period of a woman`s life. So that you know, I`m bracing myself and waiting anxiously for it.


Women in their 30`s – Fashion? Class? Both?



Here`s my personal view – for me is about class – fashion is a tool for keeping myself on the radar. But that`s it. Fashion as an industry, as a way of life and as a God – is a ruthless one. In my 20`s there were brief moments when I was its slave but thinking about it with today`s mind, I don`t want to become dominated by it anymore.

Class however is the sophisticated woman`s power asset. It`s what will make you unique in a world were being refined becomes a precious attribute.

If you mix them wisely fashion might provide you a dress that stunts but Class will make you unforgettable because behavior is always the key to mesmerizing personalities.


 5 Etiquette Tips that Will Make You Seem Classier



  • X and I not I and X –  I know we are living in the self adoration era but politeness and education will always prove to be the assets which make the difference. Especially on social media, it`s important to know that etiquette demands putting the person you speak of first.


  • Put the phone awaylet`s try not to check Facebook every 3 minutes when we`re socially bonding or worse, when we are in meetings.


  • Mind your Language Listen, I love a good cuss word or two. It doesn’t mean that lingo is for everybody`s though. Make sure you’ve got the right audience for the language you use. `It’s okay to have a potty mouth, just make sure you’re in the correct bathroom.` Bette Davies once said.


  • Walk the WalkPay attention at your posture and walking mode. It might seem hard for a few weeks walking like a 40`s movie star but that`s the feminine way – all the Lady Etiquette books say it. It`s ok to have a normcore/half-masculine style but it`s a no,no to walk like a man.


  • Be polite with all but intimate with few  a woman`s most fascinating attribute: nope, it`s not long legs, it`s mystery. Be polite and joyful with the people you interact with but never share your secrets with everybody. You`ll be ruing the mystery aura. If everybody knows everything what else is left to keep their interest alive?



Thaa,thaaa, I“ll let you know how`s life at 30`s on Monday. Until then I still have to fight the dark blue 3 days left. 


Oh, here`s my guilty pleasure song of the week:










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  1. Oxana says:

    the age is just a number, trust me, I’m 37 😉

  2. silvia danciu says:

    esti superba, draga mea! si vei fi superba si la 30

  3. Dina says:

    capa e splendida, ti se potriveste perfect

  4. the fashionista says:

    love the boots

  5. Cristina Dinu says:

    eu mai am o luna si m-a apucat de pe-acum :)))))) astept o postare cu tipsuri despre cum sa trec peste perioada

  6. pink fairy says:

    30 is awesome, but it depends on how you feel. I bet your 30’s will be more than aristocratic 😉

  7. ramona tanasescu says:

    va fi minunat, stai fara grija 🙂 PS: poseta e minunata

  8. Adriana says:

    am ochit si eu capa asta, dar nu eram foarte sigura de ea. acum sunt!

  9. mia says:

    happy birthday, darling 🙂

  10. LILLY says:


  11. Fashion Dreams says:

    focus on the birthday and the presents, not the age :))))))

  12. flory says:

    arati minunat, imi place mult tinuta all black

  13. Lori says:

    Buna, Ana!

    Felicitari pentru tot ceea ce realizezi!
    Imi place mult sa iti urmaresc postarile… pentru ca dincolo de cuvintele pe care le asterni aici, intrezaresc o parte din tine… din frumusetea ta de Femeie!

    O zi minunata sa ai!

  14. Ionela Stanciulescu says:

    stiu piesa asta, e foarte pozitiva

  15. IceQueen says:

    30 will be sexy 😉

  16. Bella says:

    love this post, doesn’t sound blue at all

  17. daniela says:

    si eu tot peste 3 zileeeeeeee 🙂 mi-am luat vacanta, sa nu crezi!

  18. Aurelia says:

    petrecere frumoasa, draga mea!

  19. damiana says:

    eu ma simt de 16….de vreo 16 ani. it’s all good 🙂

  20. Rodica says:

    ciorapii plasa sunt back in business I see. imi iau si eu neaparat

  21. Dy says:

    love the cape

  22. Andreia says:

    Femeia la 30 de ani- cea mai buna varsta 🙂

  23. Olivia D says:

    Draga mea,
    O sa vezi ca asta e varsta cea mai importanta din viata unei femei. Va fi minunat!

    La multi ani!

  24. irene says:

    I heard 30 is awesome, let me know

  25. Adela says:

    Ador femeile cu stil indiferent de varsta

  26. Marni says:

    happy bday, darling! enjoy 30

  27. Catalina says:

    La Multi Ani!!! Multa sanatate, fericire si implinirea tuturor proiectelor.

    Intr-o alta ordine de idei, cum se numeste melodia?

  28. Soos Cristina says:

    Happpy B-Day Ana ❤
    30 & FABULOUS ❤
    Love Ya !

  29. O tinuta perfecta si ti se potriveste foarte tare 🙂

    Va invit pe blogul si pagina mea de facebook:

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