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In between kidney crisis, when I stupidly thought they had passed, we went on an autumnal picnic.

Since I’m an autumn lover this became a tradition through the years.
It’s quite romantic and peaceful (yes, I like these kinds of activities too, what did you expect? A castle gets boring form time to time). This is a simple and easy to reach activity so I strongly suggest you guys try it.
On my way to this lovely picnic place I stopped at SunglassCurator headquarters to say “hi” to Roxana and Mihaela. The girls suggested I should wear these Sunday Somewhere sunglasses cause going to a picnic is so summerish and the name of this brand strongly suggests that.
It was a peaceful and warm Sunday.
By the way, I hope you’ve noticed the Gaga touch – my Wagner porcelain, personalized tea cup.
You know, Serban and I wanted to visit New York this past weekend. Booked our tickets from two weeks ago and cloud nine was my only place to stay when waiting for trip.
But a few days ago we heard about Sandy and we cancelled. My disappointment is nothing compared with the horror moments my friends who live there went through. Let’s send them some positive energy. It’s always wise to remember that there are people in this world who are going through harder times than you so not having the budget to buy that new Saint Laurent dress does not mean that your world will come to an end.
I am still sick, I have to go to another doctor so see you soon.


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