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5 August 2014 / By / 35 Comments

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perfect ana

anamorodan com 9I am wearing traditional Romania blouses from Iiana.ro, an Ana Morodan skirt and a Gabriela Dumitran head accessory

Photos by Mihai Dina – Setting and Styling Consultancy by Anastasja Giacopello



I remember a few seasons ago when because of almost the same blouse I`m wearing today – the black one – the model that Tom Ford made for Adelle – a big trend started. We all loved IA, bought it, wanted to wear it and felt all fancy and proud that it`s our traditional blouse. That was the moment I wanted to slap myself for destroying my mother`s collection (when I was little I made doll clothes from them, idiot, let`s not talk about this)

Shortly, its detractors arrived and all social media started to shout that IA is overrated, supra exposed, passe, that it`s not trendy but trashy and so on.


Oh well, like always, I couldn`t care less. For me, there will always be a few items that I will love eternally, no matter what trends, other cynical people or fashion might dictate. For instance:


  • Long, siren shaped skirts – so versatile and decadent, don`t you agree?
  • IA – I was delighted to get acquainted with Iiana.ro – a brand that manually manufactures these traditional blouses in a multitude and various range of models – preserving the Romanian traditions  in such a beautiful way and delivering such a special, eternally fashionable and trendy item – so yes, Ia is on my number 3 items to wear forever list  – by the way, now I adore Iiana`s long IA dresses
  • Head accessories – because they`ll make you unforgettable – because they`ll make you the queen of the night and most of all, because they`ll give you a special seductive confidence



Watermelon could easily be my list of  items/fruits to love eternally. And cherries. And honey dew.

And goodbye.




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta Ietta



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  1. Miss O. says:

    Anaaaaa, mi-ai facut pofta de pepene. Si de ii. Am primit de ziua mea o ie de la Iiana si mi se pare asa frumoasa ca imi e mila sa o port. O port rar, dar si cand iese la plimbare face ravagii ;)).
    Mi-a mai picat cu tronc de la Iiana si sumanul asta: http://www.iiana.ro/bundite/suman-romanesc-pardesiu-crem-din-stofa-iiana-de-lana-aba.


  2. Queen says:

    Needless to say you remind me if the great Luisa Casati! Greatness, Ana! Greatness!

  3. toytulip says:

    Viiiin in tara!! Si musai cumpar o ie!!! Pana una-alta, esti minunata! 😀

  4. Lully says:

    The truth is only you can wear an IA like that! And you look AMAZInG!

  5. Popeasca says:

    Dios mio! Dar ce-mi vad ochii! Arati senzational draga mea, mai ales ca sunt o pasionata in ale palariilor…absolut superb! Te pup!

  6. Kiss Me Stylish says:

    Wow, adevarul e ca si eu ma saturasem de atatea ii, dar chiar arata bine acestea, apreciez atentia la detalii 🙂 nice

  7. Pink Lovers says:

    Love your list dear 🙂 don’t give it up!

  8. Karma Style says:

    Oh! You are such a diva in your long beautiful skirts!

  9. Ioana says:

    Clar cea mai chic fotografie a zilei!

  10. Jay jay says:

    Ce tareeeeeee!!! Mi-era dor de contesa Morodan, esti uimitoareeeee!

  11. Alexandra says:

    Draga Ana,

    Daca tot incercam sa conservam traditiile romanesti si in acelasi timp sa fim fashionable, as aduce in discutie un subiect relativ similar. Mai exact, desi imi doresc din tot sufletul sa promovez designeri romani, imi dau seama ca ar trebui sa imi las cel putin jumatate din salariu pentru 1 rochie Elena Perseil sau Mirela Diaconu. Nu mai amintesc de Parlor, Murmur sau Rhea Costa.

    Intrebarea este: cand vor face si designerii romani haine affordable si in acelasi timp fashion?


    • Ana Morodan says:

      Alexandra, sa stii ca sunt designeri romani care au si creatii affordable. Inclusiv cei pe care i-ai mentionat aici. Dar after all, ca sa fii stylish nu trebuie neaparat sa te imbraci de la un designer.

      Stii, n-am sa inteleg niciodata aceasta frustrare – `nu-mi permit`. Ghici ce? Nici nu e nevoie. Datorita capitalismului, which is a bad thing, don`t get me wrong, avem acces la foarte multe surse de `recuzita` sa-i spunem iar unele variante sunt chiar affordable. Sper exemplu eu sunt su fan mass-market, asa cum se vede si pe blog. So, at the end of the day, cu 100 de euro pot sa-mi alcatuiesc o tinuta la fel de speciala. Fashion is not about labels, fie ele si romanesti 🙂

      Te imbratisez cu drag,

      • Alexandra says:

        Draga Ana,

        Multumesc pentru raspuns.
        Desigur “fashion is not about labels”, iar asta o demonstrezi tu pe blog cu atata maiestrie. Eu vorbeam mai degraba despre a descoperi si a sustine pioneri ai modei romanesti. Este vorba despre a oferi acestora o recunoastere nationala, inainte de cea internationala.

        Te urmaresc cu drag,

  12. La Famme says:

    i do not know anybody with the same amount of great sense of humor and sense of style at the same time, you are just great!

  13. XENIA says:

    ai niste ochi hipnoizanti!love them!

  14. Baby Jean says:

    incredibil cata munca e in spatele shootingurilor tare, filmu;letele pe care le postezi sunt si adorabile su revelatoare

  15. C.L. says:

    your list is my list, my new word of day 😉

  16. georgiana savu says:

    adevarul e ca daca stii sa o porti, o ie este intotdeauna misto, nu malas nici eu dusa de nas de trendul pe care nu multi l-au inteles, le ador in continuare ca si tine

  17. Eugene Marie says:

    stupendous to the sky and back! muah!

  18. kiki's day says:

    love that you wear long skirts, it is your trademark and you own it so stylishly…

  19. Micsan Ioana Maria says:

    a diva in action!!!! attention please!!! hihi 🙂

  20. Fete Fine says:

    acum am vazut anuntul tau cu colectia ta de pantofi de vara incolaborare cu smiling shoes, cum am putut sa-i ratez??? sunt absolut superbi Ana

  21. Janice Is Chic says:

    bun, si acum ca m-am schimbat mor de pofta dupa un pepene..ce-mi faci tu mieeeeee, trebuie sa ma imbac si sa ies, ce sa fac? 🙂 macar stiu cu ce ma imbrac! cu o ie si fusta mea li=unga a la Morodan normal!

  22. Mathilde says:

    Dar chiar arata senzational iile acestea sunt uimita. Lucratura este chiar frumoasa

  23. ralucutza utza says:

    sunt absolut fascinata de capitolul Regina Maria….

  24. ella says:

    draga mea, te pup si eu 🙂 :*

  25. Why Noy says:

    aaaaaa i have may a decision! i want to own a long skirt like yours,can I order one from you, do you still make them ?

  26. Die Style says:

    fascinating life you have there!!! love it!

  27. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    and the prices are really not that high, look how stunning one ia looks really… this is an investment in my opinion, no doubt about it

  28. cornelia miclea says:

    in toate iti sta bine Ana in TOATEEEEEE

  29. queen says:

    gorgeous lady of the internet talking about our queen …. feeling so nostalgic right now…

  30. A Modern Girl says:

    absolutely love the I,
    don’t worry we are still here the true ia lovers dear

  31. Wonders of the Closet says:

    style icon I tell ya, that is what you will become 🙂 i admire your choices so much, and i feel so inspired by you Ana that i feel like just thanking you sometimes, this is a true magical discovery, Iiana 🙂

  32. Quiana says:

    Good points all around. Truly apaeicrpted.

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