Year: 2012



Zara boots. Wolford tights, H&M blazer, I Became Addicted ring, Gloss and Topshop bracelets, Stella McCartney sunglasses   I’m out! On the street! Yes, I know you’re not blind and you can see that. Based on the saying “home it’s not about feeling safe, it’s about acknowledging who you are!” here’s what I figured out […]

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MAN RAY & LUISA CASATI – The Cartoon Version

Living Art

 Characters: Catalin Opritescu – Lightaholic , The Lady Broom     Some people raise plants, practice a sport, knit or collect stamps. But that’s not what we like to do as a hobby. Ohh nooo, we are “special“, we’re the modern individuals, the perfect breed of an image focused society, that’s why we loooove to […]

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  If you thought at this you might consider yourself a little intuitive or an every day visitor (if so, you deserve my infinite gratitude, I mean it) So yes, I have a black outfits period. Leave me alone. I have mails and comments about The amazing/awesome/astonishing Diet! Well, let’s see. It’s kind of easy, […]

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Supermarket inventory

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Topshop skirt, someone’s white, Asos blazer, Marc Jacobs bag, Phillip Lim sunglasses © Cornelia Gaie Ohh, hello, I only have permission to step out of the convent for a few minutes.  This is me making fun of my outfit . I lay awake at night wondering if you guys get my senseless humor… And noooowww […]

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Outfits of 2011


Hellloooo! (please imagine some sort of enthusiasm of mine towards the beginning of the year) Now, 2011 was an amazing year for me. I’m grateful for all the experiences and changes that last year brought into my life. I met amazing people, did lots of friends and worked my ass of  (worked my ass off […]

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