Year: 2012

It`s not Monday, it`s MORODAN day on MOLECULE

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Shop this Maria Marinescu dress on Molecule  © Serban Cristea Yes, it’s Monday and on High Street CardigansMondays are sunny, joyful and optimistic.  . Think of Monday like a new, little fresh start you get to have over and over again. I think it’s cool.  .You get to try again to quit smoking or […]

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If You are special you are ABSOLUT UNIQUE

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Vivienne Westwood dress, vintage jewelry – © Serban Cristea’s other hand    . And you are! All of you who read this blog are. You are my special and unique friends. I received a special delivery from ABSOLUT  last week. My own ABSOLUT UNIQUE  sample. ABSOLUT UNIQUE is a new concept by ABSOLUT VODKA […]

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I know, I know, it’s amazing, as you said. This chic event Irina ( and I are planning for you will also be – super fun – full of positive energy and laughter – filled with lady like items from our wardrobes – Avon will make us beautiful with free make up sessions – filled […]

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This Holiday Season You MUST be HAPPY and POSITIVE

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Shop this Maria Marinescu dress on Molecule F © Serban Cristea It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN day on Molecule There is no other way darlings. You know, I’m not a big fan ofwinter holidays but one must try, and while we’re at it, why not add a little glamour to the whole situation. I […]

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Peroni Collaborazioni – The Preparations for The After Sky Party

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 We did it. We designed a versatile, lady-like clothing article that I’m sure you will love tremendously. I’ve met with Kinga again the other days to work on our theme. I’m so excited and I loved, loved, loved working with Kinga because she’s such a respectful and nice person. Although her creativity is way bigger […]

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