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You know, sometimes I just throw all my bills under the rug and go shopping. Yes, it’s the perfect lack of responsability and a very effective Snobbish activity.

And you know what I love to shop the most? No, not shoes, not bags either…jewelry, my heart will always belong to jewelry. Shiny, big, Statement Jewelry!

Fortunately for my phone bill,  this month I got my dose of Statement Jewelry as a gift.

A gift from Ioana Enache

Most of you know her as the designer behind the Statement Jewelry label. Well, I know her as the calm and polite girl who never gets mad because of my “I’m in chaos, I can’t talk right now” attitude.

Here is my Statement Jewelry gift, in a deconstructed manner.



Tannaaa …Every Statement Jewelry creation has a quality certificate.



I know Ioana since she first launched this label and I was a fan of her designs from the beginning.


Because her jewelry are very feminine, mature and they make you stand out! She’s very dedicated and her passion for this kind of jewelry is as bigger as mine! The difference being that she has the talent to create them. The only talent I posses is to shop them!

So, my Snobbish Advice this week is:

Invest in big, chunky necklaces! It will give a cool braveness to your outfits.

I was able to try on her newest collection – Daring



Do you know why I love it?

Because you can wear it in a casual manner too. Or did you think that modern countesses only dress lady like? No, the modern countesses have to work on a daily basis so they dress just like you do.

This collection focuses on coral, nude, gold, pink or black and semiprecious stones like aquamarine, pearls, moon stones (how cool is that?). Daring,just like all the previous collections, focuses on femininity and softness making you stand out like a true queen, which is exactly what you are (and you most of the time forget).

Invest in a Statement Jewelry piece. It’s ok, your phone will not get disconnected until next month. I know, I’ve done it!


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  1. SimonaSS says:

    hello! iti sta foarte frumos cu noua coafura 🙂

  2. sasha says:

    very nice hairdo. it’s a keeper 🙂

  3. Ana says:

    LOve the necklace and your hairdo:))) Parca esti un teenager din nou:)


  4. Andreea says:

    Love the new hairdo, you look stunning!!

  5. Emanuel I. says:

    Arati superb cu noul look, iar accesoriile sunt chiar statement.

  6. Anna says:

    esti atat de sofisticata cu breton! iti sta foarte bine! iar colierele sunt minunate!

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